Successful expansion of Carlsson’s in-house upholstery department

The traditional craft skills of the Carlsson specialists in the company’s in-house upholstery department are very popular with their international customers. The wide range of leathers and Alcantara together with coordinating wood and carbon inlays is practically unlimited, so it is only logical that in the past few weeks, the upholstery department at Gut Wiesenhof has been expanded.


The basic material offered by Carlsson is NAPPA leather, which is available in all colors and finishes. Also featured in the program is Carlsson NAPPA EXCLUSIVE. This is a vat-pigmented leather which has the feel of a fine leather glove. At the same time, it is especially durable, with a thickness of 1 to 1.4 millimeters. The pores of the hides are retained thanks to the complex tanning process and this helps to prevent the unwanted build-up of heat. Even in winter, this natural material adjusts immediately to the occupant’s individual body temperature. Also exclusively available is Carlsson Nappa EXCLUSIVE HEAVY WEIGHT. Up to 1.7 mm thick and with the same quality and feel as Carlsson NAPPA EXCLUSIVE, with its natural, deep grain, it is very popular, particularly in the Middle East.

Across the board, only top quality, evenly dyed, flawless leather hides are used in production. The special processing of the fine Carlsson leather protects it from fading and wear and prevents it in the long term from becoming brittle or cracking.


For Carlsson NAPPA products, only Central European raw materials processed in Germany are used. Here, Carlsson adopts a responsible approach to protecting the environment, as the water used during production leaves the German tannery in drinking water quality.

There are basically no limits to the alternatives available. “Anything is possible,” so says CEO Dipl.Ing. (FH) Markus Schuster, “We have deliberately developed a range of basic packages for customers, but our specialists in Gut Wiesenhof can generally implement any color/material combination as long as it is suitable for use in the vehicle,” adds Schuster. The available upholstery processes range from the most diverse shapes and types of perforation, to custom dyeing of the required hides to match the customer’s color sample, right through to the combination of different materials such as leather and Alcantara with coordinating stitching and piping. The basic modifications to enhance the interior are priced according to the vehicle, starting at:

• €3,980 basic for the R172 SLK Class (consisting of: 2 front seats with headrests and 2 door panels, choice of color of leather, stitching and piping)

• €2,490 basic for the smart car (consisting of: 2 seats (incl. armrests), doors, door pockets, dashboard and kneepad incl. leather-covered trim elements, choice of color of leather, stitching and piping)

• €5,390 basic for the W166 M-Class (consisting of: 2 front seats with headrests, rear seat bench with headrests, 4 door trims, choice of color of leather, stitching and piping)


Carlsson leather upgrades in the company’s upholstery department are generally available for all basic Mercedes-Benz models and the modification takes between 5 and 20 working days.

Further information on the extensive upgrade range from Carlsson for smart and Mercedes-Benz vehicles is available online at

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