Refiner Carlsson proudly presents its S-Class convertible “Diospyros”

With the Carlsson version of the S-Class convertible, which carries the sounding name “Diospyros”, driving a convertible achieves its highest level of perfection. The convincing design of the S-Class convertible is further refined at Carlsson by a new color scheme, the exclusive rim program and a redesigned interior. The result is a convertible of the absolute luxury class, which will be loved by every petrol head with its sovereign elegance, harmonious shaping and stirring agility. Always dominant and at the same time charming – whether open or closed.

The S-Class convertible not only attracts you, but also your environment immediately. The exterior of the top class brings in every detail outstanding design to the point. Carlsson has deliberately refrained from touching this perfect line. Due to the color “Carlsson Heritage Green” in combination with parts, grill and bars in piano lacquer, only a few highlights of this design are more highlighted. “Carlsson Heritage Green” is a modern uni-paint that creates a discreet golden shimmer in the sunlight. This color was exclusively developed by Carlsson together with the color specialists from Standox for the “Diospyros” and underscores its majestic appearance.

Another highlight is the diamond grille with our Carlsson logo, which dominates the front part with a luxurious look. From the side, a low greenhouse and the falling dropping line is responsible for a sporty-expressive look. At the rear, flat taillights with LED technology emphasize the width effect of the convertible.

This striking sportiness and presence of the vehicle Carlsson increases with its 1/12 EVO wheel, which is especially developed for the “Diospyros”. The disc wheel cleverly draws traditional design elements and at the same time looks modern and elegant. With this design and in the size 9Jx20 on the front axle and 10,5Jx20 on the rear axle, the wheel fits perfectly into the entire composition.

The Carlsson performance upgrade insures more sovereignty. The engine delivers 550 hp at a max. torque of 800 Nm. This corresponds to a PS increase of 12% and an improvement in the torque of 100 Nm compared to the standard vehicle (S 500 Convertible).

The interior gives the Diospyros its name. Derived from the scientific name for West African ebony, Diospyros Crassiflora, Carlsson applied this exclusive and ultra-fine wood generously throughout the interior. Special attention is given here to the wood-clad deck, which is completely covered with open-pore veneer and with flowing curved lines, reminiscent of luxurious boats of a bygone era. But only by the use of high-quality nappa leather the interior unfolds its distinctive aura. The color “Vintage Cognac” was chosen, which with its light patinated look and in combination with a bright contrast leather creates a perfect symbiosis with the wood applications. Here, the exterior color in the form of a piping is absorbed discreetly at the seats. This interior, which is consistently designed for luxury and exclusivity, invites you to linger and feel good when the sunroof is open as well as closed.

The prices for the Diospyros start at 214,000 Euro without VAT and range up to 336,000 Euro without VAT depending on the engine and equipment.

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