BRABUS Car Configurator

With the new marketing tool „BRABUS Car Configurator“ every automotive enthusiast is now able to configure their own dream car on the company website of BRABUS. For its launch, the virtual tuning factory is available for the current CLS-Class as well as the SLS.

The user can customize the exterior with BRABUS aerodynamic components and wheels, then give the vehicle its individual note in the following steps. This is made with design elements as well as technical components. Furthermore, BRABUS engine tuning and bespoke BRABUS Fine Leather interior conversions can be selected additionally, of course.

Apart from different viewpoints of the desired vehicle, the menu offers a model-specific overview of the available customization components. The final configuration can then be sent directly to BRABUS or to the nearest BRABUS dealer, where a competent contact person will be further advising the prospective customer.

The configurator is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at Shortly this tool will also include the product portfolios for the current M-Class and the SL.

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