Portofino High Gloss, the wheel for the demands of Mercedes drivers

“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz”, Janis Joplin once sang. The cars with the famous star have always been more than “merely” a means of transport. They stand out due to their timeless elegance and innovative technology. One used to say, a Mercedes doesn’t drive, it glides. Nearly – like the elegant boats you find in the port of the Ligurian village Portofino – AEZ, who has its own RC44 team in the Formula 1 of sailing, chose the tradition-steeped name for a design radiating harmony and exclusiveness.

The new Portofino is a wheel that incorporates the noblesse of the premium cars manufactured by Mercedes. The creative department of AEZ has succeeded in carefully adopting the design vocabulary of the cars made in Stuttgart. The result is a classic, elegant double star spoke wheel that shows that it was tailor-made for the exclusive sedans, cabriolets and estates of the German manufacturer. The AEZ Portofino matches the C-Class, E-Class, SLK, CLS and S-Class like a tailor-made suit and harmonises with the large SL as well as the luxury SUV GLK. The wheel always lines up perfectly with the elegant body of the respective Mercedes models. The silhouette of the car and the wheel appear as a mundane, sporty unit. The clear, reduced lines of the Portofino with the deliberately light design of the wheel centre appear just as timeless as the cars for which it was developed.

AEZ Portofino_Mercedes02

Sportiness and elegance do not have to contradict each other. This applies both to the cars from Mercedes-Benz and the new wheel creation from AEZ. The Portofino is only offered for the cars with the famous star. The wheel is available in elegant high-gloss silver or in sporty matte black with a polished front.

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