G-POWER manufactory wheel for AMG 63 Models

A new set of wheels is the fastest and easiest way to provide your AMG with a new look. At the same time, new wheels do not only affect the design, but acceleration and driving behavior, as well. The key-word here is: reduction of the unsprung weight. Meaning the lighter the wheel is the less weight has to be accelerated. That is why the weight of a wheel is just as much important for the purchase decision as the design itself. With the completely new engineered HURRICNANE forged wheels generation, G-POWER has designed a wheel that doesn’t just look dynamic, but is ultra-light at the same time. Made from 6061 grade aluminium, a material favoured by the aerospace industry for its unique combination of low weight and high strength, the 9.0 x 21-inch HURRICANE RR wheel for example weights just 11.4 kg. The G-POWER HURRCANR RR wheel is now available for all Mercedes-AMG models, as presented on this S63 AMG Coupé.


G-POWER goes to these great lengths because their philosophy mandates continuous development to improve the all-round efficiency of customer vehicles. While this applies to their supercharger systems and ECU upgrades, they also recognise that unsprung weight has a direct influence on vehicle performance. The lower unsprung mass of lighter wheels imposes less dynamic loads on the suspension elements, which benefits handling and road holding. At the same time, with less rotating mass to accelerate and brake, straight-line performance is also enhanced.


Technical excellence apart, the new G-POWER HURRICANE RR Forged wheel also looks good, and is available in seven finishes, plus the possibility of a highly personalised version. The new G-POWER HURRICANE RR Forged wheel comes in three distinctive colours – Jet Black, Gun Metal Grey and Stardust Silver. In addition you can choose any of these hues as the background colour in combination with a diamond cut finish for the wheel spokes. While the background paint finish is removed from the outer rim in the course of the diamond cutting process, this is subsequently refinished and sealed with clear lacquer along with the spokes. The seventh possible finish for HURRICANE RR Forged wheel is the classic polished version that sparkles with the appearance of a chromed wheel. Leveraging the flexibility of their German factory, G-POWER also offers the possibility of engraving personal lettering of up to 10 characters on each wheel. This is the ultimate level of personalisation linking customer and product.


The pinnacle of alloy wheel design, the HURRICANE RR Forged wheel wears its label with pride as the lightest, strongest and most individually customisable aluminium wheel collection in G-POWER’s history.

Of, course G-POWER is taking care of the power output of the AMG 63 models as well. The Bi-Tronik 5 V1-additional module, connected upstream of the original motor controller, records the information measured and submitted by the vehicle sensors before they reach the serial controller. The read-in data are modified by the microprocessor of the Bi-Tronik 5 and thus submitted to the serial controller which then determines the parameters responsible for the output, such as fuel quantity and ignition time, also initiating a moderate increase of the charge pressure. The result gives the 5.5 litres V8-Biturbo drive of the S63 AMG Coupé a power increase of 585 PS (430 kW) / 900 Nm to 705 PS (518 kW) / 1,000 Nm, giving the S63 AMG Coupé a noticeably more powerful performance characteristic. After the power treatment, 100 km/h are reached after only 3.8 seconds, with the acceleration orgy only ending beyond the 330 km/h.


Of course, the G-POWER technicians also considered compatibility of the motor hardware in their power upgrade: in the external G-POWER Bi-Tronik 5 V1 power module, all motor protection and diagnosis functions are retained. For example, the power increase is only activated when the prescribed cooling water temperature is achieved, and temporarily switched off when a maximum permitted oil temperature is reached – e.g. when driving under permanent full load in high summer.


Further details along with the prices for the G-POWER Bi-Tronik 5 V1 and the HURRICANE RR forged wheels are listed in G-power online shop.

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