Brabus Monoblock R

All over the world BRABUS Monoblock alloy wheels are the top choice for owners of Mercedes-Benz automobiles who value exclusive design and highest quality. At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show BRABUS presents the new Monoblock R wheel in a world premiere. This new wheel family sets itself apart from the masses with its two-plain design and the Liquid Titanium Smoked paint finish.

The BRABUS designers have come up with an especially innovative styling for the new one-piece Monoblock R wheel. Two sets of five double spokes are arranged in two plains. Elaborate machining and a special paint finish ensure maximum effect of this spoke arrangement.


While the inner set of spokes is painted a “Liquid Titanium” shade, the outer spokes are diamond-polished and afterwards sealed with a smoke-colored clear lacquer, lending the wheel its very own character.

The new BRABUS Monoblock R wheels are available in six different sizes from 8.5Jx18 to 10Jx22. This allows installing this new wheel design on almost all latest Mercedes-Benz automobiles from the new B-Class to the GL-Class. The optimal high-performance tires in each respective size are supplied by BRABUS technology partners Continental, Pirelli or YOKOHAMA.

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