MEC Design SL R230 Widebody Bodykit

MEC Design presented an unusually ostentatious styling it for the old Mercedes SL. Their body kits are mostly subtle, but this one is different. With the R230 now out of production, MEC probably wanted to go crazy or maybe target different markets.

The kit comes with lots of details and you can choose what the parts according to your taste. The kit is limited to only 15 units and will be available in February 2013.


MEC Design present also the first of eight new concave wheel designs that MEC Design will be releasing in 2013. One of the many possible wheel and tire combinations for the MEC Design SL R230 Widebody body kit is the following: 11×20 with 285/25 ZR 20 + 14×21 with 375/20 ZR 21.

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