MEC Design E63 AMG

Mercedes specialist MEC Design upgraded a W212 Mercedes E63 AMG, enough to make it more desirable. This time, MEC Design focused on three main area in this tuning program: suspension, wheels, and exhaust system.

The E63 is pretty much perfect in other areas, what with a 5.5 liter bi-turbo V8 engine under the bonnet, a classy executive body and a super deluxe interior.


MEC Design choosed a set of meCCon Series Type CCd5 wheels in sizes 9×20 front and 10,5×20 rear, with tires 255 and 295 respectively, finished in gloss black, center black satin finish. The wheels wouldn’t have looked so good on the car if it weren’t for the MEC lowering module that drops the ride height rather substantially.


Last but not least, MEC equips this Mercedes E63 AMG with their special stainless steel exhaust system with rear muffler and silencer or replacement pipes. It comes with two sound modes of Earthquake and Apocalypse which are pretty self-explanatory. The E63’s standard exhaust system is very good, but the roar is nothing like that of MEC’s.

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