Ultra Racing Mercedes SL 350 Front Strut Brace

Ultra Racing has released details of its stylish and effective strut brace for all Mercedes R320 SL350 models. It is ideal for those owners looking to increase the torsional rigidity of their car, or make the chassis more efficient for fast road or track driving.

Formed using a unique ‘one-piece’ steel construction, the Ultra Racing bar is far more rigid and effective than many ‘flexible’ or 3-piece designs, meaning that is far more effective in reducing unwanted flex in the bodyshell of the car under hard cornering, or when driving quickly. With the front suspension components able to stay much nearer to their optimum pick-up points while under load, suspension geometry is maintained and perfect handling results.

Improving the torsional rigidity of the SL doesn’t just enhance handling of course, but also gives a real sense of confidence, with the car feeling more precise and telegraphic and steering response being quicker and more responsive. All Ultra Racing bars have been carefully designed on custom jigs, and feature crash deformation characteristics that work in harmony with each individual car’s carefully designed crumple zones.

The Ultra Racing brace uses the shortest and most direct bracing route possible to ensure maximum rigidity– a fact augmented by the fact that the bolting flanges are a substantial 4mm thick – significantly more than many other aftermarket offerings. With a complete lack of pivot points or hinges, it becomes an integral part of the chassis, offering tangible performance gains for the true driving enthusiast.

More more information, please click to www.potn.co.uk

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