MEC Design new Alloy Wheel

MEC Design have been designing tuning products for over 10 year now and are very proud to show off their new 1-piece mecxtremeIII alloy wheel. With the looks of a 3-piece wheel and its wide stainless steel outer lip the 1-piece mecxtremeIII alloy wheel is already getting a lot of attention the world over.

As with everything from MEC Design it is exclusively for Mercedes-Benz models and available in 9” and 10,5” x 20”. The high-gloss polished stainless steel lip has been integrally pressed on and makes it look just like a 3-piece wheel whilst retaining the stability of a 1-piece. The 9” version has a 3.5” outer lip whilst the 10.5” version boasts an awesome 4.5”.

Despite the wide lips they fit all models of Mercedes-Benz from C- to S-Class without the need for any bodywork or modification.

Cem Altun, MEC Designs CEO says “The reactions that we’ve had so far are great. I’m very pleased with how great it looks. You can’t tell any difference between the 1-piece and the 3-piece and it just means that our extreme looking wheels are now available to more of our fans who might have previously been put off by the price tag of the 3-piece wheel”.

Prices start at €540.00 each for the 9” whilst the 10.5” costs €590.00 each.

About MEC Design:
MEC Design are an exclusive tuning company based in Berlin, Germany. They specialize in Mercedes-Benz and have an extensive range of extraordinary tuning and styling products as well as a range of high quality 1-piece and 3-piece alloy wheels. They have been making a big noise all over Germany and Europe for over 10 years and are now expanding into North America and the rest of the World.

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