Kicherer unveils a new tuning package for the Mercedes ML63 AMG

Kicherer is a sought after name in the niche aftermarket of automobiles. Its forte is Mercedes vehicles whose performance and looks it fine tunes, making them stand out in the crowd. It has announced a package to jazz up the iconic Mercedes ML63 AMG sports utility vehicle.

Mercedes ML63 AMG
The Mercedes ML63 AMG is by itself a power performer. It was launched as a special edition vehicle in 2007. It boasted a powerful V8 engine and auto transmission that offered a fast acceleration. While other customizing companies wondered how to improve on this performance, Kicherer decided to give it a try. It came up with an amazing upgrade package called Carbon Series. Carbon series subjects the entire vehicle to carbon treatment for a visual shocker, apart from revving up the performance, of course.

It’s Carbon all the way
To begin with the car is coated with carbon foil. This includes the newly added front spoiler and the rear roof spoiler. The front exhaust grill with the trademark 3 star too has been lavished with carbon coating. The windows are tinted and so are the tail lights giving a smoky look. The headlights and fog lamps have fortunately been spared of this smoky treatment. The wheels are a massive 23 inches, alloyed and coated in matte black. They have a five spoke design to accentuate their look. The thick, wide tires made of low profile performance rubber grip the road firmly.


Complementing them are the bulging wheel arches and side skirts making the car look a tad wider. The contours and edges are given an enhanced coating for that chiseled look. The carbon treatment spills over to the interiors as well. The car sports a combination of carbon leather and Alcantara in the cockpit and upholstery. The sliding sun roof is also tinted. Overall the carbon finish gives the car a macho but mafiosi type demeanor-the kind you don’t want to mess with. The other vehicles on roads would better leave way for this dark hunk on wheels!

Tweaking the engine for more power and speed
The car’s 6.2 liter V8 engine is boosted with Kicherer Power Converter. The Electronic chassis too is re-worked to extract more power from the engine. Kicherer has fitted an exhaust system developed in-house and made of stainless steel. These allow the air cooled engine system to spew more power. Kicherer claims a power output of 540 HP or 397 KW and a torque of 640 Nm. This is an improvement of 30 HP and 10 Nm of power and torque respectively. It remains to be seen if these statistics have been tested and verified. The driver will certainly be happy to have more power from this machine especially in difficult terrains.


Now what does all this have on the speed? The company claims a top speed of 250 km per hour (kmph) or 155 miles per hour (mph). This figure again needs verification. The company hasn’t specified if this is a limited edition package.

Kicherer has fine-tuned Mercedes ML63 AMG to a unique machine. The higher torque (640 Nm) due to more engine power (540 HP) is sure to excite any rally driver. If not that, then its 250 kmph top spe ed can make any speed devil salivate. These along with its carbon treated skin make it a must have machine.

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