Car Shades launches W204 Mercedes C-Class Estate Fitment

Some cars are so successful and so entrenched within our wider culture that they can be identified by people with very little interest in cars at the best of times, and in the process they become genuine automotive icons. Very, very few cars can legitimately claim to have done this, but one model that might just warrant inclusion in this ultra exclusive club is the Mercedes C-Class. The 23 years it’s been on continuous sale in the UK have seen it garner legions of devoted admirers and owners, all sold by its size, luxuriously appointed interiors and imposing good looks. Traits like this explain why Car Shades, one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of tailored automotive sun shields, has opted to add the W204 C-Class estate to its already exhaustive list of model specific fitments.

Car Shades Interior Fitted with Child UV Privacy Sunblind 7

Car Shades are unique in that they’re custom designed to fit a specific car. This means that unlike the sucker-mounted screens that’ve been popular with families for decades, they fit perfectly, securely and with no fuss, and leave no unsightly sucker marks or residue when removed. The patented Clip-Eaze technology used to hold them in place is not only highly effective, it’s easy to apply and simple to use, meaning that both rear passenger window apertures can be totally covered in minutes. Perhaps the ultimate proof of the excellence inherent in the Car Shades design is that they’re supplied to some of the biggest and most successful OEMs around, and all have been full of praise for the system and its capabilities.

Car Shades Side Window Open UV Privacy Sunblind 4

UV radiation can be harmful in large doses and this is particularly true for children, so limiting their exposure to it on long car journeys can only be a good thing. Car Shades have been proven to cut down a massive 95% of UV radiation, a stat which helps explain why cars fitted with Car Shades are so much cooler on hot, sweltering summer days. Indeed, few experiences are more stressful and have a greater chance of ending up in a family disagreement than a long, hot drive in an overly warm car, particularly if you factor in the traffic that’s such a fixture of British summer holidays. Not only can Car Shades work to cut down your exposure to sunlight, they can help calm frayed tempers and contribute to a smoother, more relaxing start to your family summer holiday.

Car Shades Interior Fitted UV Privacy Sunblind 8

The safety benefits of Car Shades don’t stop at mere UV protection, they can even serve to protect occupants from the annoying and potentially dangerous effects of piercing autumnal and winter sunlight. Think, how many times have you had to squint and struggle to see clearly on frosty days with low-level sunlight? Car Shades remove this at a stroke, resulting in a far more pleasant experience for all concerned. They also act as a handy, lightweight barrier to unwanted intrusions from the animal world, so you can say good bye to in-car excursions from bees, wasps and bluebottles and all the annoyances that they bring to any summer trip.

Car Shades Mercedes C Class Estate UV Privacy Sunblind 1

Versatility is another Car Shades strength, with the blinds even able to offer a further layer of protection for your valuables. Granted, they can’t put up much of a physical defense against a committed criminal intent on breaking into your vehicle, but their dense, opaque design acts to screen your expensive ICE, children’s games consoles and other important objects from unscrupulous eyes and sticky fingers.

Car Shades Interior Fitted UV Privacy Sunblind 6

While these are all fantastic and admirable attributes, there’s no getting around the biggest plus-point inherent in the Car Shades design, and that’s that they’re totally removable. Fancy letting in some extra sunlight on one of the UK’s precious summer days? Want to sell your car but retain your Car Shades for your next one? No problem, simply unclip and remove the shade as one. No mess, no fuss, over and done with within seconds.

Coming with simple instructions, the whole set can be in position in less than two minutes thanks to an easy “Clip Eaze” technology. They are also quick to remove, simply unclip the shades and place them in their smart, protective zip-up bag. Added bonus, they store flat and up take very little room.

Pairing a true automotive icon (not to mention phenomenal sales success) like the W204 with an innovative product like Car Shades makes a huge amount of sense. The C-Class already makes for an excellent, all purpose family car thanks to its versatile and spacious interior, and the addition of Car Shades only serves to accentuate these properties. Competitively priced, proven to work, and designed to fit perfectly and in mere moments, Car Shades promise to revolutionise car journeys for hundreds of thousands of families across the country.

Prices start from £65.28 including VAT

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