Mercedes-Benz ML W164 SR66 Suhorovsky Design

On the 27th of March Suhorovsky Design launched another project from their luxury SR66 line. This time on the crosshair of polish designers was one of the most popular SUV cars on the market – the Mercedes-Benz ML W164. The car has gone through a serious redesign process.

Over the past 3 months Suhorovsky team has developed a completely new body line. The car has been given a wide bodykit. Major changes can bee seen on the front and rear thanks to completely new bumpers. SD added also the original AMG exhaust tips in the rear.


Above those, you can see two new spoilers. One on the trunk and another one at the top of the rear windshield. Thanks to those, car gains a completely new appearance when looking at it especially from the side – in the optical meaning it looks a little bit longer and more aggressive.

When we come back to the front, there are also a couple of nuances that have to be mentioned. Additional daytime LED lights have been added in the front – inspired by their earlier Porsche Cayenne Designs. Big air intakes keep the coolers cold. Thanks to them the car maintains it’s new, furious look.


What cannot be missed when looking at the good, old W164 are the fenders and fender flares which have been given a sligthly new, wide silhoulette. Completely new hood with additional top vents may remind you some of the fastest Mercedeses out there.

Wide body cannot be complete without new sideskirts. Those also can bee seen here.


What’s important – after so many major changes the car still has it’s old grille which without doubt is one of the most recognizable ML parts. While designing the kit, Suhorovsky wanted to keep everything that’s needed in a car like that. We’re talking about the PDC and headlight washers. Those two are often skipped by many tuners. Car seen on the pictures stands on 21″ black MAE Crown Jewel wheels with red pearl finish.

In the near future, Suhorovsky Design thinks about doing that kit for the facelifted model of Mercedes ML.

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