Kicherer Mercedes-Benz SL R230 Evo II

Here a little SLR, there a little AMG, and, of course, lots of KICHERER – these are the ingredients for the most recent KICHERER tuning achievement which is based on the “old” Mercedes SL (Basis SL R230). The highlights: extendable rear wing, carbon fibre front apron and handmade forged wheels.

Those who do not yet wish to allow themselves a new Mercedes SL or SL 63 AMG may now have their “old” SL upgraded by car tuner KICHERER. Apart from the handmade forged wheels and further sports extras, the car tuning specialists offer a carbon fibre front apron and a carbon fibre rear lid. As is the case with big brother SLR, the chief attraction at the rear is an extendable wing.

In order to enhance the classic SL model’s good looks, aerodynamic components made of genuine carbon fibre have been added, further stressing the SL’s racy character. The front apron has a particularly eye-catching design and prevents excessive lift forces. Further lateral air intakes have been added to provide the engine with sufficient quantities of fresh air while the rear diffuser brings the aerodynamic modifications to perfection. But, the highlight par excellence is the rear lid. It is a patented carbon construction (KICHERER Downforce System) including an electronically extendable rear wing. Its control is speed-dependent and, thus, assures an optimal contact pressure at the rear axle. The complete system is available for all SL R230 models – model upgrading included.

kicherer mercedes benz sl r230

kicherer mercedes benz sl r230

The SL by KICHERER is carried away on RS-1 forged wheels. The handmade three-part lightweight constructions are rotary forged and equipped with stainless steel exterior wheel discs. The programming of the ABC suspension lowers the vehicle up to 25 millimetres for better handling and much more driving pleasure.

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