The fact that mcchip-dkr stands for high developed made in Germany chip tuning, for ECO-optimizations coming from its own development center or for the combination of both has become famous largely beyond the city limits of the German town of Mechernich. The performances of these software experts are accompanied by a more of power, less of consumption, engine protection with a more of driving fun. By the way, the activities of this company are not only restricted on passenger cars: lorries, farmers’ vehicles, pick-ups, caravans, boats and even Jet-Ski® are also counting amongst the objects of interest.


This time, the „name of the patient“ sounds well: Mercedes-Benz SLS 6.3 AMG Black Series, coming from the recent production. It is (nearly) a matter of course that the gull-wing-door bolide is originally already crammed with power. But there are always clients who are not satisfied by serial car performance. So, even for this kind of clients, mcchip-dkr offers a based an engine map optimization motor tuning. For individual choice, the latter is available in different stages.


In the present case of the before mentioned SLS, nevertheless, mcchip-dkr employed stage 1. The installation is made within one working day only for 3,199.00 Euro. The result can be shown proudly: the power of 654 chipper horses (= 481 kW) with 649 Newton meters of max torque. Amazing, what kind of effect software tuning has, likewise chip re-programming in the control unit. And when these interventions not only increase the engine power but warrant also for fuel savings – each way to mcchip-dkr will be it worth, also to one of the Germany-wide garage network stations in Bischofswerda, Berlin, Dueren, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Munich, Overath, Passau, Penzberg, Salzgitter, Schmelz or Tauberbischofsheim – everywhere you will find even so competent partners for your questions, as you can find them in the company headquarter in Mechernich.


For more information concerning this SLS and for any other questions concerning software tuning please contact directly by clicking

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