SGA Aerodynamics Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

From time immemorial, the Mercedes “Black Series” models have constituted a special incentive on one hand, through their exclusiveness and on the other hand, through their very brute and aggressive external appearance. Such a pity because the limitation means that only a very few people will be able to enjoy this fruit of human labor. SGA aerodynamics now offers a body kit, with which every lover of the brand will be able to fulfill his/her personal dream!

In the process, the body kit is drawn along the line of the visual appearance of the legendary SLS AMG “Black Series”. During its presentation last year, it constituted the link between the road SLS and the racing version SLS AMG GT3. In this respect and above all else, the technical equipment of the “Black Series” was expectedly innovative. The visual appearance was also completely redesigned and intensified with broad jaws, air inlets and outlets as well as carbon flaps. There will be no escaping the body kit of the SGA for whoever loves this visual appearance! The front stands out for the double-layer spoiler that is deeply draw down and framed in carbon-fiber flaps.


The engine hood is also completely new and houses the typical air outlet. On the sides, the broader side skirts with their air inlets are framed in massive mudguards. The meter-long front mudguards bear extensive applications of carbon fiber while the fuel tank cover is modeled into the rear enlargements. Finally, there is a protruding rear valance with lateral gills on the rear. The large – also double-layer – diffusor is made of carbon fiber and is penetrated by the original Black Series exhaust pipe ends. One layer further up, a gigantic, adjustable carbon rear wing is enthroned and virtually wears the complete crown. The innocent-looking painting in exclusive diamond-white underscores the carbon fiber structural components and ensures a brilliant contrast.


Of course, the serial wheels of the normal SLS no longer truly fit into the broad jaws. The original wheels of the “Black Series” may for instance, be of much help in this regard. SGA is however toeing another path. There are also very different options available through the working cooperation with the cultic rim-forgers MAE Design. MAE has lately presented the new forged rims “forged rotor“. Through its turbine optics, the three-part wheel has a directional running pattern and stands out for its chromium-plated beddings. The sizes are also anything else but normal! Wheels of the size 10.5 x 20 inches with outer rims that are 3.5 inches wide rotate on the front axle. Tires on the rims are of the size 265/30. The diameter on the rear was even hiked by one more inch and wheels of the size 12 x 21 inches with tires of 325/25 were mounted. The chromium-plated outer rim is in this case, even 4 inches wide! The angulated spokes with “brushed surface” finish offers an insight into the gold-bronze-lacquered saddles of the AMG ceramic braking system! This hybrid equipment of the rim enriches the SLS with immense visual dynamics.

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