Thanks to the professional management of Alexander MANTLER, the founded only in December 2013 in Goldbach near Aschaffenburg, Germany, premium tuning company VOLTAGE-DESIGN has shown its creativity innumerous times and has proven that a company can establish itself in the area of car and noble tuning on the market within only a few months in spite of omnipresent competition. Individual exterior and interior design and power improvement – handiwork is prime principle in all these device assemblies, in case of racing sports refitting too, of course.

Now and here we present the new „S65Project by VOLTAGE-DESIGN. The matter is of the brand new twelve-cylinder “de luxe” model of Mercedes-Benz in AMG version, that gave the name S65 AMG. As generally known, this car is fitted completely by (nearly) all what ambitious drivers can wish. The flag ship from Affalterbach has been refitted at Goldbach by a carbon made aerodynamics packet for 24,900 Euro with the following ingredients: front spoiler, front apron wings, side skirts and mirror caps, Voltage side logos, a spoiler on roof and tail including diffusors. The bonnet made completely in carbon demands additional 3,000 Euros.


Let’s talk now about power improvement. The VOLTAGE-DESIGN engine command VD Stage ONE draws out of the nearly six liters sized V12 engine 680 HP (= 500 kW) and 1,100 Nm of max. torque for Vmax of 300 kmph (190 mph). The price is: 3,899 Euro. For 7,899 Euro you can have 720 HP (= 529 kW) with 1,150 Nm of max. torque and 320 kmph (200 mph) Vmax. The whole runs under the name VD Stage TWO. Both variants contain, of course, the initial Vmax decontrol, new downpipes and racing air filters.


This huge kind of power demands to be braked down adequately. The braking system installed by the VOLTAGE-DESIGN crew combines the materials carbon and ceramics, making the each time four braking pistons to sandwich the 420/40 mm discs on the front and the 370/32 mm discs on the rear axle. The weight economy of this kit 14,850 Euro of worth is by remarkable 30 kgs of weight. The rims in 9 x 21 inches in front and 10.5 x 21 inches in rear with correspondent tire combination beg for to bring the concentrated power onto the road.

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