Specialized upon software development for POWER and ECO optimization, special solutions for tuning measures, Vmax liberation or limitation, switch time shortening or software harmonization for racing vehicles, the located at Mechernich, south-west from Cologne, mcchip-dkr company disposes on a 4×4 high performance test stand type Super Flow SF880 for measuring of very powerful cars, but also deeply lowered vehicles.


This time, the house own project called mc8xx is on trial. Behind this „hides“ an 8 cylinders Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG with serial 457 HP of power and 600 Nm of torque. This project means the continued development of „mc780“ stage with newly adapted software harmonizing, manifold pressure augmentation by means of optimized air suction and compressor gear.


After re-equipment by compressor technology, made by the mcchip-dkr engine surgeons, the bolide splutters now enormous 830 HP and likewise much of newtonmeters of max. torque. The highlights are the bigger oil cooler, XXL water cooler (special edition for the compressor cooling system) and the bigger water pump for the charge air system. Additionally, a made by Drexler differential lock warrants for proper traction values.


In order to fit the design of the sportster to its performance, the mcchip-dkr crew has chosen a body kit of the corresponding special model of Black Series, involving the bumpers in front and rear, the car bonnet, all wings and side skirts and – made of carbon – flaps, side mirrors, front splitters and the rear diffusor, front and rear lamps coming from the W204-Facelift model.


The OZ-Racing Superleggera rims in 10×19” on the front and 11×19” on the rear axle are fitted by adequate tires. Besides the installation of a KW Clubsport chassis, there are to be mentioned the high performance brake discs with endless pads, in order to be able to control this power at any time. Rests to note that either engine and passenger compartment are equipped by a lifeline fire extinction installation. The powerful machine is painted in semi-gloss ibis white – of Audi.

The whole „mc8xx“ project has been successful, including MOT-certificate. One can be curious to see the final „mc9xx“ which is still in stage of planning and development …

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