KICHERER C 320 CDI 4 Matic

Well off, athletic, handsome, modest, well-mannered and in peak physical condition. Sounds like the man most women would kill for. However, we are actually talking about an estate car that most family men would like to keep in their garage. It seems as if the saloon car polished up by KICHERER incorporates all qualities a good automobile can be proud of.

The outward appearance is a sportive understatement devoid of tedious sensationalism. This effect is achieved by a decent AMG bodykit, a lower suspension setting by KICHERER with a dynamic accent and by the forged KICHERER 19” RS-1 wheels. Beneath the bonnet, the C-Class is thoroughly fit as well. The standard performance has been increased from 224 hp to 265 hp and the torque from 510 to 600 Nm. Thus, the frugal diesel vehicle reaches the 100 km mark in less than 6.7 seconds.

Those who assume that such a sportive layout can only be achieved by pure asceticism will be even more surprised when they catch a glimpse of the interior. Here, you may wallow in the luxury that the complete two-colour leather interior provides. The driver caresses a fine leather-and-wood sports wheel – and even the feet may rest on floor mats provided with a nappa leather bordering.

c320 tuning

c320 tuning

Also the standard speedometer had to give way to its successor since the new speed dimensions required a new scaling, and, besides, that little Kicherer logo betrays where this prodigy of precision actually comes from.

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