How about 700 or 900 horsepower?

With the recently presented facelift for the Mercedes S-Class, the sportiest variant of the model series, the S 63 4MATIC, as well as the most luxurious version, the Mercedes-Maybach S 650, were also thoroughly revised. BRABUS naturally offers especially exclusive refinement product ranges for both new models.

The BRABUS B40-700 PowerXtra performance upgrade lends the new four-liter (243 cu in) twin-turbo V8 of the latest S 63 an impressive output of 515 kW / 700 HP (691 bhp) and peak torque of 950 Nm (701 lb-ft) at a low 3,500 rpm.
BRABUS offers the BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 twin-turbo increased-displacement engine for the Mercedes-Maybach S 650, which provides the luxury liner with an enormous rated power output of 662 kW / 900 HP (888 bhp) and a peak torque of 1,500 Nm (1,106 lb-ft). Top speed is in excess of 350 km/h (217 mph).

BRABUS does of course not focus solely on high performance. The automotive refinement specialist also offers tailor-made aerodynamic-enhancement components, hi-tech forged wheels and exclusive BRABUS fine leather interior design for both models.

The latest S 63 is powered by a turbocharged V8 engine with a displacement of 3,982 cc (243 cu in). The BRABUS power unit engineers developed an efficient performance upgrade also for this engine. In extensive tests on state-of-the-art test benches and on the road, they developed new mapping for injection and ignition, and also reprogrammed the electronic boost pressure control. The new plug-and-play engine control system is adapted to the electronic engine control unit of the S 63 4MATIC. After the installation, the engine produces an extra 64.7 kW / 88 HP (87 bhp) and 100 Nm (74 lb-ft) more torque.

With a rated power output of 515 kW / 700 HP (691 bhp) at a low 6,100 rpm and a peak torque of 950 Nm (701 lb-ft) at a low 3,500 rpm, the all-wheel-drive luxury sedan sprints from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph). A BRABUS Vmax module that will make even higher top speeds possible is already under development.

A similar upgrade is also available for the S 560 version of the Mercedes-Maybach. It boosts the power output of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 to 478 kW / 650 HP (641 hp) and bumps peak torque to 820 Nm (605 lb-ft).

BRABUS offers high-performance at its finest for the Mercedes-Maybach S 650, which with its 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine producing 390 kW / 530 HP (523 bhp) ex-factory is anything but underpowered. However, powered by the BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 twin-turbo increased-displacement engine, the luxury liner attains a performance level previously the exclusive domain of the world’s most powerful super sports cars. This engine is also available for the S 600 and the S 65 models.

To this end, the company hi-tech engine shop employs the tried and proven principle of increasing the engine’s displacement. To enlarge the swept volume from 6.0 to 6.3 liters (366 to 384 cu in), a custom BRABUS billet crankshaft with longer stroke, forged pistons with a larger diameter, and precision-balanced connecting rods are installed, and the cylinders are bored.

Extensive modifications to the engine peripherals are equally indispensable to achieve the desired high level of performance. The two production turbos are replaced with turbochargers that have larger compressor units and larger turbines, which are adapted to the V12 engine with the help of special exhaust manifolds. In addition, the conversion includes downpipes with a diameter of 80 millimeters (3.1 in), free-flow metal catalysts and a stainless-steel BRABUS high-performance exhaust system with actively controlled exhaust flaps.

Numerous modifications were also made on the intake side to ensure the engine’s optimized air supply. The carbon BRABUS 900 intake module, which draws its air through an air duct in the hood directly from the redesigned radiator grille, is immediately distinguishable. The new intake manifold includes a special air filter box with larger cross-section and special filters as well as “Gold Heat Reflection” sheathing for lowering the temperature.

All high-performance components of and modifications to the engine are perfectly calibrated to work together by newly programmed mapping for injection, boost pressure control and ignition. This guarantees not only maximum power delivery, but also compliance with the strict limits of the current EURO VI emissions standard.

After the conversion, the V12 engine, which is operated exclusively with hi-tech motor oil from MOTUL, has a peak output of 662 kW / 900 HP (888 bhp) at a low 5,500 rpm and produces a gigantic peak torque of 1,500 Nm (1,106 lb-ft) at 4,200 rpm.

Despite a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 2.8 tons, the BRABUS supercar based on the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 delivers a level of performance usually only achieved by a few full-blooded super sports cars: Powered by the BRABUS ROCKET 900 6.3 V12 twin-turbo engine, the four-seater accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.7 seconds and reaches a top speed in excess of 350 km/h (217 mph).

The BRABUS 900 engine just recently provided impressive proof of its performance capabilities at an event of German car magazine AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS, which organized an acceleration contest for tuned supercars at the test track in Papenburg, Germany: The distance was exactly 3,000 meters. The largest and with a curb weight of 2,250 kilograms (4,960 lbs.) heaviest vehicle in the starting field: a BRABUS ROCKET 900 based on the Mercedes S 65. From rest, the high-performance luxury sedan from Bottrop reached a speed of 340.3 km/h (211.4 mph) over a distance of just three kilometers.

Like every BRABUS component, all high-performance variants are also backed by the exemplary three-year or 100,000-kilometer/62,000-mile BRABUS Tuning Warranty® (see BRABUS Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated July 2013). The hi-tech lubricants for the entire powertrain of all models come from technology partner MOTUL.

BRABUS sport exhaust systems with electronic sound management via actively controlled exhaust flaps deliver performance and a thrilling exhaust note. They are available with various tailpipe designs for all new models and offer the driver the possibility of regulating the exhaust note from inside the cockpit. The ‘Coming Home’ mode is quieter than the production exhaust. With exhaust flaps open, the respective engine sounds even sportier and more powerful than with the production exhaust system.

The aerodynamic properties are crucial in light of the enormous road performance that all BRABUS supercars based on the new S-Class are capable of. The BRABUS designers developed tailor-made naked-carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components for the facelift generation of the S 63. The front is given a markedly dynamic styling with the BRABUS front spoiler lip and the front bumper attachments. In addition, the front fenders on either side are upgraded with a naked-carbon BRABUS design element. The integrated BRABUS logo is optionally available in an illuminated version whose lights are activated by operating the key fob or by pulling on a door handle.

The LEDs integrated into the underside of the BRABUS rocker panels will then also light up. The underbody lighting makes it safer to approach the car in the dark and helps avoid stepping into a pothole or puddle. Also backlit – optionally with changing colors – are the BRABUS stainless scuff plates for all four doors.

The BRABUS aerodynamic-enhancement concept for the new S 63 is rounded off with the BRABUS rear bumper featuring an integrated naked-carbon diffuser and tailor-made cutouts for the BRABUS sport exhaust system, as well as with the rear spoiler.

The sporty-elegant BRABUS look for the Mercedes-Maybach, which is almost 21 centimeters (8.3 in) longer than the long-wheelbase version of the current S-Class, is characterized by the aerodynamic-enhancement components, which were newly developed in the wind tunnel for the current S-Class and are manufactured in OEM quality from high-grade PUR.

The BRABUS front bumper, which was also newly developed for the facelift model, replaces the production bumper in its entirety. It provides not only a visual upgrade, but thanks to the integrated front spoiler also reduces front axle lift at high speeds, thereby further improving the handling stability. The large air intakes in the BRABUS bumper optimize the supply of fresh air to radiators, engine and front brakes. The BRABUS designers take up the design idiom of the top-of-the-range S-Class for their aerodynamic-enhancement components as well with a subtle chrome add-on package. To give the supercar an even more distinctive face in the characteristic style of the Maybach brand, the BRABUS designers developed a special radiator grille.

An equally unusual and functional feature is the BRABUS courtesy welcome lighting, which is activated in the dark when the driver approaches the vehicle and Keyless-Go mode is engaged, or by pulling on an inside door handle. The illumination of the ground to the left and right of the upgraded Maybach provides enhanced safety for getting in and out.

The BRABUS rear bumper redefines the view from the rear. Its integrated diffuser features tailor-made cutouts for the four chrome-plated tailpipes of the BRABUS high-performance exhaust system.

The outstanding traits of the BRABUS Monoblock wheels, available for all new Mercedes S-Class models in numerous sizes with diameters ranging from 18 to 22 inches, are thrilling design, maximum quality and further enhanced driving dynamics.

The attached photos show the BRABUS 700 based on the S 63 4MATIC with two different wheel designs, the BRABUS Monoblock F cross-spoke styling and the Monoblock Y design with spokes that taper off towards the outer rim flange in the shape of a ‘Y.’ The use of state-of-the-art forging technology in the manufacture of these wheels means the BRABUS Monoblock “PLATINUM EDITION” hi-tech wheels represent an optimal combination of lightness and maximum strength. Both designs, in sizes 9Jx21 on the front axle and 10.5Jx21 in back, make perfect use of the available space under the wheel arches. As the optimal tires, BRABUS mounts Continental, Pirelli and YOKOHAMA high-performance tires of sizes 255/35 ZR 21 at the front and 295/30 ZR 21 on the rear axle.

The Mercedes-Maybach S 650 with BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 twin-turbo increased-displacement engine is pictured in these photos not only with the same BRABUS Monoblock F “PLATINUM EDITION” 21-inch forged wheels, but also with the BRABUS 22-inch wheel/tire combination that is likewise available for all models. In the combination featuring size 9Jx22 rims with size 255/30 ZR 22 tires on the front axle and 10Jx22 rims with size 295/25 ZR 22 tires at the rear, the BRABUS Monoblock G “Platinum Edition” forged wheels also make full use of the available space under the wheel arches.

The BRABUS lowering module is specifically tailored to the ultra-low-profile tires of all models and lowers the ride height of the S-Class by about 15 millimeters (0.6 in).

The BRABUS upholstery shop creates BRABUS fine leather interiors tailored precisely to the owner’s preferences in every detail. For the BRABUS 700 based on the S 63 4MATIC, the choice fell on especially soft and breathable black Mastik leather matching the vehicle paint finish. The leather was further enhanced with gray and red decorative stitching and has a sweeping upholstery layout. In line with the sporty design of the S 63, BRABUS genuine-carbon elements with sporty ‘Checkered Flag’ design and a high-gloss protective finish replace the production wood inlays. In addition, there are tailor-made aluminum components such as the BRABUS RACE paddle shifters, pedals and door pins. The interior refinement is rounded off with backlit scuff plates with BRABUS 700 logo, which can change colors matching the interior ambience lighting.

Even more exclusive is a BRABUS “Masterpiece” interior designed specifically for the current Maybach models and available in an endless variety of leathers and Alcantara in any desired color and with practically any desired upholstery layout. Just as individual is the range of wood or carbon inlays, which are likewise available in any desired color and with a variety of surface finishes. The BRABUS 400-km/h speedometer (250-mph) matches the performance potential of the BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 twin-turbo increased-displacement engine.

The supercar pictured here is fitted with a light ‘Nature Beige’ BRABUS “Masterpiece” all-leather interior to contrast with the vehicle color. It is characterized by consummate workmanship in every nook and cranny. What is more: The precise perforation of the exquisite material on the seat surfaces ensures optimal functioning of the seat ventilation. The shell-shaped quilting of the leather on selected parts of the seats and door panels was finished with the same pinpoint accuracy. Even the teak-colored leather flooring of the luxury liner has the identical quilting pattern throughout. Another unusual BRABUS concept is the starry sky whose hundreds of optical fibers can change color in sync with the ambience lighting.

BRABUS is one of the pioneers in the development of innovative, functional and stylishly integrated business and multimedia systems for cars. The BRABUS in-car IT experts used this unique expertise to develop an innovative business and entertainment system, which was integrated equally perfectly and stylishly into the Mercedes-Maybach. Of course, it can also be realized in any other S-Class sedan.

As part of the interior refinement, BRABUS fitted a center console custom-developed for the sedan with extra-long wheelbase between the two individual rear seats that extends all the way back between the two individual seats. At the touch of a button, a table perfect for working with or without a tablet PC is deployed from the console for each seat when needed.

Tablet PC? In the case of the Microsoft Surface, this name is more than deserved. The BRABUS 900 is equipped with a business concept featuring two Microsoft Surface 4 Pro computers of the latest generation serving as its “brain.” When not in use, they are stored and recharged safely and hidden almost entirely from view in docking stations inside the console.

The advantage of this choice is obvious: The Surface computers do not require inconvenient acclimation when the owner of the luxury liner uses computers running Microsoft programs at home or at the office. Furthermore, one of the two Surface computers is integrated into the on-board electronics. As a result, its audio and video signals are reproduced by the standard hi-fi system and the screens integrated into the backs of the front seats. Optionally, a large retractable LCD screen also controlled from the tablet computer can be integrated into the headliner. The BRABUS Touch Control Panel with 3.5-inch screen integrated into the armrest between the rear seats allows adjusting the angle of the tables and controlling the volume of the on-board multimedia system.

Both computers can be connected to the Internet via a 4G high-speed router. As a result, they not only keep the passengers abreast of the latest world news, but also allow using streaming services and thus offer a virtually limitless variety of music, films and TV programs.

Of course, BRABUS also offers its customers business and multimedia systems based on Apple or Android technology.

The BRABUS 700 and 900 models can be built to individual customer order as a complete car. Alternatively, customers who already one of these cars can also have their own luxury sedans converted to this level all at once or in stages.

Fuel economy, CO2 emissions and efficiency class:
BRABUS 700 based on the S 63: city 11.7 l/100 km, highway 7.3 l/100 km, combined: 8.9 l/100 km. Combined CO2 emissions: 203 g/km, efficiency class D.

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 with BRABUS 900 6.3 V12 twin-turbo increased-displacement engine: city 17.1 l/100 km, highway 8.6 l/100 km, combined: 11.9 l/100 km. Combined CO2 emissions: 279 g/km, efficiency class F.

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