Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Silver Wing

Tuning specialist Wheelsandmore has released a new program for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, named Silver Wing.

The package includes a power upgrade from 571hp/650Nm up to 635hp/710Nm using remapped electronics and a stainless steel exhaust system with remote valve flaps. An ultralight aluminium full race coilover with adjustable rebound and compression was also installed.


Power upgrade due to remapped electronics and stainless steel exhaustsystem with remote-able valve flaps from (420kw) 571 hp / 650 nm up to (467kw) 635 hp / 710 nm.

Matte black with copper colored racestripes individualized 6Sporz² wheelset with handcrafted, 3-piece forged rims sizing 9,5×20 and 11,0×21 inches and ultra high performance 265/30/20 and 295/25/21 Continental Sport Contact tires.

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