Vogtland perfects the E-class suspension

Safety is one of the Mercedes-Benz domains. With active and passive systems, the automobile manufacturer from Stuttgart has made its mark from the beginning. With its lowering springs, the suspension specialist Vogtland additionally increases the driving safety of the new E-class.

Due to the Vogtland springs, the new Mercedes E-class (type W 212) is 35 millimetres closer to the road. This does not only generate a sporty dynamic appearance, but also provides extra safety.

The car´s centre of gravity is reduced and the result is that the Mercedes has a better grip on the road without needing any further electronic assistance. Moreover, the sport springs diminish the rolling motions when turning which leads to significantly less rocking. The thereby created agility brings both more safety and also more driving pleasure. When accelerating and braking, the effect of the new vehicle springs also shows. Due to lesser nodding movements, the E-class reacts more agile when driving off and also the braking distance reduces.

The lowering spring by Vogtland especially stands out for its first-class quality. The springs are made of high-strength chrome-silicon alloy and guarantee stability and the necessary flexibility of the product. Vogtland also underlines this quality demand by producing all springs in Germany. This quality “made in Germany“ comes with a two-year warranty by Vogtland.

The suspension expert Vogtland offers the lowering springs for the Mercedes-Benz E-class (type W 212/C 207). The springs are available for both the limousine and also the coupé. The T-model will follow shortly. Of course, delivery includes a component part certificate by the Technical Control Board (TÜV).

For more information about all products by the suspension specialist Vogtland and for current application lists, please visit the web site www.vogtland.com

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