Up to 702 hp and 320 kph for AMG models only

Is it a racer? Is it a plane? No! But a car “accelerated” by performmaster from Germany certainly feels like this when you put the pedal to the metal, as Udo Heinzelmann is able to report. He runs the performmaster company in the very automotive region of Stuttgart. performmaster has been a specialist for uprating sport and supersport cars for more than 27 years. And now it also gives Mercedes-AMG models supernatural powers as well: the unique PEC Tuning-Module works hand-in-hand with the engine control unit and increases a car’s performance by up to 25 per cent – Vmax suspension included. “Passionate drivers will not be able to resist this,” Udo Heinzelmann knows: “With up to 702 hp and 320 kph you are certainly fast. Others won’t even be able to see you speed off – up and away!“

performmaster offers the PEC Tuning-Module for all the latest AMG cars, including an European warranty. The A 45, CLA 45 and GLA 45 AMGs’ serial performance is raised from 360 hp / 265 kW / 450 Nm to 410 hp / 302 kW / 530 Nm; the SUVs G 63, GL 63 and ML 63 AMGs’ from 557 hp / 410 kW / 720 Nm to 645 hp / 474 kW / 850 Nm; and CLS 63, E 63 and S 63 AMGs’ (same serial performance) even to 702 hp / 516 kW / 1000 Nm. And these range also includes the 4Matic variants, S models and cars with a factory performance package, by the way.


What is so revolutionary about the PEC Tuning-Module is that it does not only include an uprating of up to 25 per cent, but also an electronically unlimited Vmax. In all “45 AMGs“ the top speed is thus 280 kph, in “63 AMG“ models even 320 kph. “Our engine tuning optimises the original manufacturer’s default settings and makes your AMG utilise its entire performance potential,“ says the company’s boss.

But the module is also unique in other respects. After all, the product, manufactured in German OEM quality, does away with all “qualitative” reservations you may have regarding “chip tuning”. Since most performmaster customers will not have x-ray eyes, Udo Heinzelmann attests to his confidence in his product by issuing a comprehensive warranty for Europe: “A 24-month or 100,000 km warranty on the entire engine-transmission unit as of the date of first registration. And if there is a claim, there is no upper limit or any causality-related burden of proof. In short: you can be 100% sure about this car!“ When developing the PEC Tuning-Module, individually geared to any AMG model, the highly motivated team does not only rely on its experience but also on state-of-the-art computer processes and a high-performance dynamometer. After all, customers should be able to rely on their new supersport car’s capabilities.

And thanks to no more than three flexes with OEM plugs, installation is no problem either. There is nothing to cut or to be cabled: just plug ’n’ drive! Since when you install the upgrade the car suffers no damage or permanent modification you can restore series condition whenever you like. But why should one kill all the joy?

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