the next generation Mercedes CLS by Lorinser

The new Mercedes CLS-class will be available for delivery to customers in 2011. Sport-Service Lorinser, the recognised specialist for Mercedes refining, is already working on options to individualise technology and design, far in advance of the market introduction. A well thought out concept is necessary to provide the four-door sports-limousine with a stylish and cutting edge profile. This requires a lot of experience, because upgrading a vehicle that is not yet for sale can be quite difficult – but not for the well trained Lorinser personnel.

„We will distribute our tuning-version globally in 45 countries, therefore a sophisticated body-design is required.“, explained Marcus Lorinser, owner of Sportservice Lorinser. The Lorinser-interpretation emphasises the sportive features with strikingly impressive innovation. Large air intake grills characterise the distinctive appearance of the front-end and enable an optimal fresh air supply to engine and brakes. The extended fenders not only enhance the masculine appearance of the car, but also provide space for the 21-inch light-alloy wheels.

But not only the styling will be optimised: Chassis, engine and interior is also upgraded at Lorinser-manufacturing. Featuring these upgrades, the Lorinser-CLS will advance to „eye candy“ on the luxury boulevards of all major cities.

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