Tarox Releases New Brake Upgrades for Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and A45 AMG

The current Mercedes-Benz A-Class may be more conventional in architecture than its previous generations but this new platform is spawning extraordinary machines such as the curvaceous CLA-Class saloon and bonkers-ballistic A45 AMG.

Despite their relative youth, these vehicles are already resonating with enthusiasts within the aftermarket. Italian brake specialist Tarox has been listening carefully to the requests of these owners, and after months of rigorous road and track testing has responded with new brake applications for these variations on the A-Class theme.

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class
The flurry of new products begins with a Sport Compact brake upgrade package for the CLA-Class. This comprehensive kit is engineered to offer the driver consistently improved braking performance in all circumstances, while maintaining reassuringly predictable pedal feel. It also seizes the opportunity to reduce the car’s unsprung weight through the use of higher quality materials.

This particular Sport Compact kit is led by the company’s latest-generation B32 multi-piston caliper, which is presented in hard-anodised aluminium for protection against the elements and machined to feature a slim profile that ensures its compatibility with all OEM wheel designs. A choice of colour anodisation is available upon request for the style conscious driver.

Each disc is heat-treated, faced and hand-finished to a tolerance of just 0.015mm. Meanwhile, the face can be specified in either F2000 (spiral grooves) or Sport Japan (grooved and drilled). Completing the Sport package for the CLA-Class is a set of braided brake lines and a comprehensive fitting kit.

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG
With a formidable 360PS of turbocharged grunt to reign in, the brakes of the A45 AMG have to work extremely hard indeed. In view of this, Mercedes-Benz fitted huge 350mm diameter discs to the car’s front end. But rather than being satisfied with this vital component, Tarox has received requests from a number of owners searching for a genuine performance disc.

Their search is now over. Tarox made a thorough investigation and realised it could deliver tangible improvements to the brake performance of this fire-breathing Merc. Its engineered solution comes from the Italian company’s highly regarded Bespoke range and consists of a two-piece billet steel and anodised alloy hub structure.

Fabricated in accordance with the company’s strictest quality standards, Tarox has retained the original disc dimensions for ease of fitment and employed the highest quality materials to cope with the harsh demands of track days. An additional benefit of this increase in material quality is a reduction in unsprung weight, which in turn improves ride quality and wheel control under braking.

Tarox Bespoke discs for the A45 AMG can be specified in two different designs: F2000 (spiral grooves) or Sport Japan (grooved and drilled).

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