The R172 SLK 350 by VÄTH Automobiltechnik

The R172 is available in the Händler show rooms since March 2011 and up to the premiere for Europe, here you can not only to admire it, but also order it. . Instead of famous Formula 1 nib of the previous model, this SLK has a striking radiator grill with one of the stars carrying the centre strut. The rising side and the short rear part have been preserved.

The VÄTH automotive engineering company in Bavarian city Hösbach is famous for its automotive wings. This company has achieved more than appropriate performance through optimisation and individual delicate adjustment of the V35 engine electronics and increase of the Vmax. With all the measures mentioned above an R172 SLK 350 has definitely become better. The engine displacement with 3,5 litres the car features 230 kW or 330 hp with 390 Nm max torsion torque and the top speed is 269 km/h.


With TÜV-examined steel braided hoses and Castrol SRF oils for brake system VÄTH has achieved the latest developments in the brake system. Left and right headers of the exhaust system are made from VA stainless steel. And the same car features double flow muffler with two oval muffler tips on the right and on the left side: 145 x 95 mm with flanged edges of the muffler tips and – of course! – ABE approval.

Three-spoke VÄTH-forged 8,5×20 inches rims with 235/30ZR20 tires on the front axle and, 9,5×20 inches rims with 265/25ZR20 tires on the rear axle create a perfect cohesion between the vehicle and the road. When adjusted to hardness the adaptive suspension allows lowering the car within 20 and 65 mm range. An ideal, comfortable and safe driving is guaranteed through the hardness and height shock absorbers adjustment.


Exterior enhancements – in order to improve aerodynamics –the front spoiler and the lip have been made from high quality carbon fibre. And the result: less lift and stylish sport appearance. Also there is a spoiler lip is from carbon fibre on the boot. Classic black carbon contributes to the refinement of the interior, whereby the highest precision of manufacturing and perfect fit by VÄTH, as always, is the number one priority.

The final cost of the complete reconstruction work is a mere 25,192 €, and, for that money, you get an absolutely unique vehicle.

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