PRIOR-Design – Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211

In spite of the generally difficult times, Mercedes achieve remarkable turnover figures for their new E-Class. Its predecessor with the internal name of W211 is still not outdated, though, as Prior-Design’s team proves in an impressive fashion with its high-quality attachment parts.

Since the W211 series E-Class is rather rarely seen in the tuning scene, the relevant professional refiners do not offer a great number of accessories, apart from the traditional wheel/tyre-combinations and several chassis lowering options. Prior-Design recognised the W211’s success at an early point of time, however, and now offers a complete tuning package for the still-modern saloon car.

The specially developed chassis set consists of a buffer with plastics grille, fog lamps and lateral ventilation openings at the front. A set of side skirts makes for a sportive silhouette. Furthermore, Prior-Design equipped the car’s rear with a new diffuser-look bumper, tailgate and roof edge spoilers. With the new attachment parts, the E-Class saloon car is given a truly pleasantly sportive but unobtrusive feel. All parts are made of duraflex, but real-carbon or real-carbon-plated parts can be supplied on the customer’s request as well.

The PDW rim set used by Prior-Design is a perfect match for the W211’s sportive look. They are 8.5×20 at the front and 10.5×20 at the rear and, together with the unobtrusive lowering, offer additional visual pleasure. The portfolio also offers the brand-new stainless-steel 4-pipe sports exhaust. At 899.00 Euros, it not only provides the perfect look, but also a great sound experience.

The Prices:

Front bumper: 599.00 Euro
Fog lamps: 249.00 Euro
Rear Bumper: 599.00 Euro
Side skirts set: 349.00 Euro
Roof edge spoiler: 199.00 Euro
Tail gate spoiler: 199.00 Euro
Set of rims: 1,700.00 Euro (8.5×20 and 10.5×20, plus tyres)

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