Piecha Design perfects the SLK

Basically, a Mercedes Benz SLK never lacks elegant looks. Especially since it underwent a facelift last year, the roadster has an extremely classy appearance. Everyone who is now willing to take the extra step from quality to excellence, has come to the right place: the Mercedes refiner Piecha Design.

Their extensive programme gives the SLK the finishing touch for perfection.

Piecha Design enhances the already very sportive appearance of the aerodynamics package with an additional front spoiler lip (435 euros including VAT), flaps at the back (185 euros) and an improved rear diffuser (485 euros). The new front lip is custom-made and perfectly fitted and glued to the side spoiler. The design emphasises the sportive silhouette and the striking front. Fitting the rear spoiler lip which can be simply glued and adding the rear diffuser is nearly as simple. The latter is placed into the surrounding bead and also glued. There are suitable diffusers for AMG styling exclusively for four-pipe systems or for the serial rear skirts with two or four pipes. The diffuser by Piecha Design fits on both exhaust versions, only the serially fitted rear apron has to be modified for four-pipe systems. Piecha Design additionally offers all rear diffuser models in real carbon as well (835 euros).

Of course, the refiner located in Rottweil, Baden-Württemberg, also offers a selection of light alloy wheels. Such as Sportec duo (1,490 euros), a wheel with an exclusive design and five fine double-spokes which frame the Mercedes bonnet star on the hub. The brilliantly shining sterling silver perfectly matches the highly polished rim well. The circular bolt heads give the wheel a dynamic multi-part look. The model dp2 Phantom (1,690 euros) also comes with double-spokes. The struts are significantly more delicate and the eight spoke pairs are fitted much closer to each other than with the Sportec duo. The finish in high gloss silver or satin black, the highly polished stainless steel rim well and the bolt heads underline the multi-part look. Moreover, Piecha Design offers the dp3 Avalange (1,690 euros) in high gloss silver or satin black. The ten-spoke wheel is also framed by a highly polished stainless steel rim well and bolt heads. All wheels are available in the dimension 8.5×19 for the front- and 9.5×19 inches for the rear axle with tyres sized 225/35 and 255/30 respectively.

The right sound for this look is rendered by the Quadro exhaust systems by Piecha Design. The Quadro Sport New Edition (1,065 Euro) offers an earthy sonorous six-cylinder sound from four voluminous pipes in AMG format for the SLK models 200, 280 and 350. The Quadro Performance (1,165 Euro) offers the same look, but the sound is far more brawny, deep and hollow. This four-pipe system offers V8 sound for V6 engines in the SLK 280 and 350. Due to an existing EEC-approval, the Quadro exhaust system does not have to be registered separately.

The SLK performance is enhances with the Power Converter “Intermedia“ (429 euros). With this component, Piecha Design offsets the gas pedal deceleration. The roadster therefore accelerates immediately without the notorious extra delay. Especially cars with a seven-speed automatic transmission profit from the fact that the gas pedal with the included potentiometer can be adjusted in such a way that it responds individually.

Visually striking and at the same time practical are the LED daytime running lights (from 475 euros). Piecha Design offers these in a set with clear glass fog lights for all SLK front aprons. Thereby, the customer can always select between lights with either a black or a chromed border.

The Comfort Vario roof module (299 Euro) enhances the foldable roof with a so far painfully missed function: You can open and close the roof while driving. Finally you do not have to stop the car in order to react to rain or sunshine. And you no longer need to worry if the red phase at the traffic lights will provide enough time for changing your roof adjustments. And the driver stays dry as he does not have to rush to the next exit when it starts raining. For speeds up to 60 km/h the roof can be opened or closed via switch or key.

In order to perfect the automobile look, Piecha Design offers a wide range of components: This includes aluminium door pins (10 euros) and the stainless steel door sill protectors (357 euros) which bear the refiner´s chromed and illuminated logo. Chromed roll bars (745 euros) made of stainless steel and wind deflectors made of real glass (from 220 euros) upgrade the interior.

For the certain exterior something, there are chromed rails for the boot lid (79 euros) and Aerowings (from 98 euros) in the version highly chrome-polished, black and semi gloss anodised.

With special care for details, the component part manufacturer Piecha Design confirms its competence and feeling for elegance. Therefore, the already elegant Mercedes-Benz SLK gets its perfect finish. If you wish to obtain more information and wish to visit the online shop by Piecha Design, please visit the web site www.piecha.com

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