performmaster lends AMG GLE 63 (S) enormous 702 hp and 1,000 Nm

Mercedes-Benz is rearranging its models’ nomenclature. Its M-class, for example, has been made the GLE, available as an SUV or coupé. But what’s in a name, as the Bard would ask. Performance is, after all, given in numbers. And here, just when this model has newly been launched, premium tuner performmaster has something to offer that is hard to top: At 702 hp /516 kW, up from 557 hp / 410 kW, and 940 Nm, up from 700 Nm, the huge 2-ton vehicle accelerates as if it would like to delete the word inertia from a physicist’s dictionary. And with this high-quality upgrade comes an extensive warranty package.


Incidentally the “performmastered” GLE 63 S shows the same hp or kW, but no less than 1,000 Nm. In terms of top speed, these SUV icons attain a level that just a few years ago only super sports cars could reach: 300 instead of a limited 250 kph. Here, the upgrade, based upon an extra control unit with an OEM cable harness, is as robust and premium-like as the entire car. No wonder, since it is fitted into the engine bay the “non-destructive” way. And while the GLE is manufactured in the U.S., the PEC Tuning Module hails from good old Germany, TÜV approval included.


For its predecessor, the ML 63 AMG, performmaster also has a PEC Tuning Module, turning 557 hp / 410 kW / 720 Nm into mighty 645 hp / 474 kW / 850 Nm and making for a top speed of 290 kph. By the way: the same numbers also apply to the ML 63 with an AMG Performance Package.

The PEC Tuning Module
“We approached the PEC Tuning Module project with our 27 years of experience, state-of-the-art computer processes and a high-performance test bench,” says Udo Heinzelmann. A standardised assembly makes a defective installation almost impossible. No cable has to be cut; there are only three lines with OEM plugs. The car can be downgraded at any time, with performmaster providing a complete documentation, of course. And the technical components reports will relieve customers of too much red tape as well.


Performmaster European guarantee
24 months or 100,000 km for European owners on the entire engine-transmission unit from the day of first registration. And in case of a claim, without any upper limit or any causality proof to be furnished.
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