New extra-light 22″ Carlsson 1/11 Evo BE wheel

In the Mercedes tuning sector, Carlsson wheels have always stood out thanks to their extraordinary good looks. Customers profit from both design and functionality, because Carlsson unifies both these qualities and can therefore, meet the requirements of all customers. Developed with expertise gained on the racetrack, the brand new 1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition (BE) wheel is yet another example of the benefits typical of a genuine Carlsson wheel: design tailored perfectly to the target vehicle, optimum weight and technical innovations.

The new wheel has been developed especially for use on the ML, R and G Class vehicles and, besides the visual upgrade, also guarantees greater ride comfort. It sets new standards in terms of design and function!

Motor-racing experience for road-going products
The design of the Carlsson 1/11 Evo BE is a further development of the tried, tested and popular 1/11 BE wheel. With the new wheel, Carlsson has once again confirmed that the company’s claim that a wheel should not only have a visual impact but also offer technical benefits, e.g., that it is as light as possible. “Carlsson aluminium wheels must not only be attractive but also meet the highest standards of quality and offer advantages in terms of driving dynamics. To enable us to always comply with this expectation, we at Carlsson take part in long-distance motor races with near-standard cars”, says Rolf Hartge, General Manager of Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH, explaining where the expertise for the company’s products comes from. “The supplementary benefits of a Carlsson product are no less important to our customers than the perfect design.”

Over 3 kg lighter at just 20.3 kg!
Carlsson’s wheel developments use design to achieve weight reductions. The timeless and striking multi-spoke design of the 1/11 Evo BE is the best possible solution for a lightweight wheel. Thanks to the equal distribution of the 11 spokes, the forces acting on the wheel are transferred perfectly to the centre. Thus, thick walls are unnecessary and a low weight possible. Moreover, the grooves, a design element in the spokes, save almost a kilogram per wheel! Weighing just 20.3 kg, the 22″ Carlsson 1/11 Evo BE wheel is over 3 kg lighter than comparable, one-piece cast aluminium wheels.

Carlsson wheels

Technical advantages through less weight
Lighter wheels tend to tramp less (lower unsprung weight) and offer optimum road contact. The result of the improved road contact allow higher cornering forces with greater reserves of safety, improved handling and a better ride comfort. An important benefit, particularly in the case of large vehicles, is the excellent brake ventilation and therefore, improved braking characteristics. Thus, the 1/11 Evo BE is the ideal wheel for ML, R and GL Class drivers who have the highest expectations of both function and design. Carlsson products offer both improved function and attractive design; emotion and reason complement each other!

Brilliant finish with stainless-steel protection
However, it is not only design and function that makes the Carlsson 1/11 Evo BE wheel stand out from the mass. The finish also rounds off the high-quality appearance of the wheel. Combined with a stainless-steel cover on the outer rim which gives protection against stone impact and corrosion, the brilliant silver paintwork ensures an eye-catching look and is unmatched in the Mercedes-Benz tuning sector. In other words, the stainless-steel lip not only guarantees a longer life but is also a visual highlight.

Slim but incredibly strong
Despite the weight advantage of over three kilos compared to similar products, Carlsson 1/11 Evo BE wheels are incredibly strong. A 1/11 Evo BE wheel with the dimensions 10×22“ and a 60 mm offset weights just 20.3 kg and can withstand an impressive wheel load. Carlsson has developed this wheel especially for large vehicles such as the ML, R and GL Class. At present, the following wheel/tyre combinations are possible:

ML Class und R Class: 10×22″ with 285/30 ZR22
GL Class: 10×22″ with 295/35 ZR 22.

Carlsson fits all complete sets of wheels with tyres produced by its Technology Partner, Dunlop, e.g., the Dunlop SP Sport 9000.

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