New Carlsson C-Tronic® for more diesel power

With the new C-Tronic® Diesel POWER generation, Carlsson offers 20 % more power and torque for all Mercedes common-rail diesels from the A to the S Class. Increasing the output via the C-Tronic® Diesel POWER supplementary control unit results in a significant improvement in performance. Consisting of the control unit and a plug-and-drive adapter, which is connected to the standard engine control unit, the C-Tronic® reads all signals from the series control unit needed to determine the optimum values for fuel quantity and the injection point.

To ensure the greatest possible safety for both driver and vehicle, the C-Tronic® Diesel POWER has correction maps that guarantee the engine’s reserves are only used when the operating parameters are within the appropriate range. Thus, the coolant temperature is monitored and the additional power only generated when the engine is running at a temperature between 65° and 100° C. Additionally, two microprocessors ensure the optimum settings are selected regardless of the operating conditions.

Carlsson C-Tronic® CD 22 for C/E 220 CDI engines
The new generation of C-Tronic® performance kits for four-cylinder CDI models of the C and E Classes provide a power increase of 34 bhp. Thus, the engine generates 204 instead of 170 bhp and a torque of 480 instead of 400 Nm. The result is a second off the time for the 0-100 km/h dash and a reduction of no less than seven seconds in the 80 – 180 km/h time.

Carlsson C-Tronic® CD 32 for all 320 CDI engines
The Carlsson C-Tronic® CD 32 has been developed for all Mercedes Benz models fitted with the current basic 320 CDI engine. The increase in power amounts to 42 bhp so that the modified engine produces 269 compared to 224 bhp. Torque rises to a massive 612 Nm, which is available from 1,600 to 2,300 rpm. No less impressive are the performance figures, which improve by around a second for the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h.

Easy installation with works warranty
Thanks to the new plug & drive installation, the Carlsson C-Tronic® is quick and easy to fit. The vehicle can be returned to standard without difficulty at any time and the precise multi-dimensional map-based control ensures an immediate engine response and significantly more driving pleasure. Carlsson gives a three-year warranty on the new generation of C-Tronic® supplementary control units.

Greater driving pleasure – with a clear conscience
The environment also benefits from the C-Tronic® Diesel performance kits. Through the intelligent use of modern technology, the C-Tronic® reduces average fuel consumption by up to 10 %. At the same time, pollutant emissions, e.g., environmentally harmful exhaust gases, such as CO2 and NOX, are slashed by around 10 %.

Naturally, the C-Tronic® meets the special requirements of the particle filter in full and also shows the technological advantage of Carlsson engineering: the C-Tronic® takes account of all important data from the particle-filter system, e.g., exhaust back pressure, exhaust temperature, when generating the increase in power to utilise them in the interests of a cleaner environment.

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