Milltek Launches Mercedes A45/CLA 45 Exhaust System

Respected British exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has released details and images of its stunning exhaust system for Mercedes’ high performance pairing of the A45 and CLA45. The hand-finished system offers exceptional gains in both power and torque, whilst maintaining a smart OEM appearance.

Like all Milltek systems, this latest offering from the Derbyshire-based firm is finished from the finest aerospace grade, non-magnetic stainless steel. Each twist and turn is CNC mandrel bent for the ultimate in gasflow, while ensuring the system maintains a consistent diameter throughout. In the case of both cars, the tube used is 76mm (3 inch) over the entire system, offering the optimum balance between back pressure for driveability and turbo-spool, combined with the fastest possible egress of gasses for performance.


In order to optimise weight, Milltek’s engineers finally settled on a strong, yet light 1.2mm walled stainless tube. This also gives the system superb acoustics, with a sophisticated and sporty tone that pleases and thrills when being driven hard, but never drones or buzzes at motorway or cruising speeds. Evidence of this pursuit of ‘daily driver’ suitability, the system is also fitted with fully integrating electronic valves that plug seamlessly into the Mercedes’ factory ECU programming to work precisely as per the OEM functionality – quiet and refined when needed, crisp and sonorous when the mood (or switch) dictates. Thanks to this, the Milltek system is also guaranteed not to bring on any fault codes or ‘check engine’ lights. This is all very much tuning for grown-ups…


Systems can be ordered in either turbo or cat-back configurations, both helpfully being delivered with OEM style flanges to allow owners to mix and match system components to achieve their perfect sound or performance. Turbo-back options include either a 200-cell HJS motorsport quality sports cat, for those looking for maximum flow, coupled with total legality, or for those venturing out on track, a de-catted downpipe is also available. For post-Brexit enthusiasts still looking to drive under the warm glow of full EC approval, Milltek also offer a fully homologated cat back, resonated system which ticks all of the boxes, in all of the countries.


Fitting neatly into the OEM bumper apertures, the Milltek CLA and A45 system looks, works and sounds very much like a Mercedes option upgrade. The perfect first modification for either car.

Mercedes A45 Prices From £773.65 + VAT for a non-resonated cat-back race system
Mercedes CLA45 Prices From £801.01 + VAT for a non-resonated cat-back race system

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