Mercedes Benz SLK by Carlsson

At the 82nd International Auto-Salon exhibition in Geneva, automobile manufacturer Carlsson will present countless innovations and the finest automobiles, based on the Mercedes Benz series and the Mercedes Benz AMG models (Hall 5, Booth 5130). One of the Carlsson exhibits is a tuned Mercedes Benz SLK, which ticks all the boxes with its extensive range of accessories.

It becomes immediately obvious to onlookers why Mercedes Benz customers worldwide have their vehicles modified by the Carlsson master upholsterers. With the Carlsson SIGNATURE LINE leather finish in Carlsson NAPPA EXCLUSIVE leather, Carlsson have once again proven their ability. The upholsterers at Gut Wiesenhof implement the most diverse color and material combination for the SL, all stitched by hand. In so doing, only exquisite materials such as Carlsson NAPPA, Carlsson NAPPA EXCLUSIVE or Carlsson NAPPA EXCLUSIVE HEAVY WEIGHT are used. The barrel-dyed leather variants of the Carlsson SIGNATURE LINE offer the soft touch of a fine leather glove and, thanks to the costly tanning process, the hides’ natural breathability is retained, meaning the known issue of heat accumulation is prevented. Whether warm or cold, this natural material adjusts immediately to your individual body temperature. The high-quality interior finish of the Carlsson Mercedes Benz SLK is rounded off with Carlsson pedal overlays, Carlsson footrests, Carlsson door locking pins made from brushed aluminum, door sill panels and the glass wind deflector with the laser-printed Carlsson logo.

Sporty aerodynamics and more for the SLK

Based on the Mercedes Benz SLK with the AMG sports package, Carlsson has developed an aerodynamic package, which, already fitted with the Carlsson front spoiler and the RS front spoiler lip made from carbon, emphasizes the sporty feel of the roadster. Carlsson grille inserts made from electro-polished stainless steel replace the plastic honeycomb grille found in the front skirt of the series model. At the rear, Carlsson provides skirt inserts, a diffuser and a spoiler for increased downthrust. The Carlsson aerodynamic package is accentuated by lowering the suspension by up to 30 millimeters, thus improving the driving dynamics of the roadster. The wheel arches decorate the beautifully designed Carlsson light metal alloy rims in the 1/10 TE design. Single-part wheels are installed with 8.5 x 19 inch rims at the front axle and 9.5 x 19 inch rims to the rear.

In the exhibited SLK, the Mercedes Benz specialist has installed the CB25 S performance kit. Alongside the integrated of the C-Tronic additional control unit from the successful Carlsson “Plug-and-Drive Series”, this also entails the replacement of the standard intercooler for a larger one. The additional control unit, which can be connected in just a few simple steps, has been perfectly optimized for the Mercedes Benz drive train. Combined with the Carlsson CB25 S power increase to 176 kW (239 BHP), the flow-optimized, stainless steel rear muffler, with its four oval tailpipes, lends the roadster a gritty, sporty sound.

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