Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Model by Piecha Design

mercedes-piecha-design-1 The T-models from Mercedes-Benz are extremely popular, since they combine luxury, sportiness and the generous passenger-compartment space of an estate car in perfection. At the same time, it is to be noted that particularly the sportiness has increased in the past years, and the actual storage space has become smaller from generation to generation as a negative effect of the perpetual search for a body design that is as streamlined as possible.

But the times are gone when estate cars were still misused as workhorses and only pushed off in the direction of Africa after 300,000 or 400,000 km. Nowadays estate cars are absolute lifestyle models which are not necessarily driven by a father of a family, but also gladly by fashion-conscious single men or women.

Marcus Piecha, Managing Director of Piecha Design, who once again proves a fine hand in technical design terms, also shows himself to be strong in terms of trend. All components, and there are many, fit harmoniously into the body designs predetermined by Mercedes and conjure up a genuine exclusive lifestyle design vehicle from a simple estate car! In addition to a two-lamella grille made of chrome, which is simply exchanged with the original part, Piecha also treats the C-Class front to a headlight mask set made of PU-RIM, which are securely and easily affixed, and transform the large parking light area into a modern LED light-band look. The front spoiler lip, which in addition is easily mounted on the AMG styling front spoiler, is available in a primed model or optionally in black genuine carbon or, as used here, coated in silver genuine carbon. Custom-fit daytime running light elements – which are delivered ready to install and can be very easily exchanged for the original grille including fog lamps – have been integrated into the AMG styling front apron. Effective immediately, the LED daylight running light elements are also available for the serial bumpers and not only for the AMG styling.

Perfectly integrated into the back of the T-model, the AMG bumper obtains a diffuser set which is available in three surface versions, once in a black-structured version, then coated in silver carbon or classic in black carbon. The “Quadro” 4-pipe exhaust system, whose end pipes are very easily welded in place of the original end pipes, are also integrated in the AMG rear bumper. For all 6-cylinder models Piecha also offers the possibility to make a conversion to the original C63 AMG exhaust system.

In order to lend the grandiose 4-pipe look the necessary kick, Piecha has now also developed and installed a power converter for the C-Class. As a result, the lethargic start is eliminated and a noticeably better vehicle response with much better engine power is realised. The switching procedures from the upper gears go much quicker and are presented in a much sportier fashion as a result. A positive secondary effect: in addition to considerably more sportiness, a reduction of fuel consumption is achieved through the more sensible foot on the gas pedal and the more spontaneous vehicle response. Installation is conceivably simple and also a veritable plug & play solution. Incidentally, the CS power converter is also suitable for the new E-Class sedan W212 and the E-Coupe W207.

Exclusive Piecha dp2 Phantom wheels with a press-fitted stainless steel rim well polished to high gloss turn in the wheel housings. They are optionally available in classic high-gloss silver or also in trendy satin black. This wheel/tyre combination not only provides perfect grip conditions, but also an enhanced sporty look in the format 8.5 x 19 ET38 with 225/35 ZR19 in the front and 9.5 x 19 ET45 with 255/30 ZR19 Dunlop Sport Maxx in the rear. This wheel/tyre combination can be installed without body retrofitting. The lower suspension setting of the chassis is taken over by custom-built sports performance springs which are optionally available with a 20mm or 35mm lower suspension setting. As with this exclusive estate car, Piecha provides an individually adjustable threaded suspension for the perfect tuning of vehicle height with simultaneously outstanding comfort.

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