MEC Design W197 SLS 63AMG

Tuning company MEC Design is one of Europe’s leading Mercedes Benz tuning companies. Their SLS AMG designs have been provoking reactions from automotive fans all over the world for a while now, and nothing has changed now that MEC Design have released the finished version.

MEC Design has revealed its 2013 bodykit for the Mercedes-Benz W197 SLS 63AMG. The bodykit consists of a front bumper with LED inset and 2 piece front spoiler lip in Carbon finish, a rear bumper with “Extreme” diffuser in Carbon finish, side skirts, optional with LED lighting, rear spoiler in Carbon finish, 2 piece rear window spoiler in vehicle colour, and roof airscoop.

MEC Design W197 SLS mit extreme diffuser (68)

To improve the performance and sound, MEC Design installs a stainless steel sports rear muffler with a gigantic, very vigorous and muffled sound, especially in the higher rpm ranges where the AMG system reaches its limits (in terms of the sound!), but it can also be driven with the AMG Exhaust with adaptations to MEC Design 4-Endpipes!

To improve stance, an hydraulic coilover suspension with kit with LIFT-UP System is installed. The height adjustment can be done with the touch of a button – 30mm front axle-/ and rear axle, lowering possible up to 70mm.

MEC Design W197 SLS mit extreme diffuser (95)

The Wheels in the picture are the mecxtreme3 with polished outer lips, front axle10,5×20 with 275/30 ZR 20 as well as rear axle 11,5×21 with 295/25 ZR 21. Other narrow wheel/ tyre combinations are also possible.

On the inside you’ll find a MEC Design Carbon/ Alcantara Sports Steering Wheel. The steering wheel is shaped very strong and highly ergonomic; the shift-paddles and the lower triangle in the steering wheel are also finished in carbon. MEC Design complete Carbon interior, consists of center console, door panels, door frames, door sills, rear compartment between the seats.

MEC Design W197 SLS mit extreme diffuser (75)

The trunk was also revised with MEC Design Trunk finishing with nice Alcantara finished with red double-contrast stitching and red embroidered logo.

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