MEC Design Take the SLS to Extremes With Their New Studies.

Berlin based tuning company MEC Design release a preview of their styling package for the SLS AMG. The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG has already become a classic model even before its release next year with fans all over the world eager to get their hands on one.

None more so than European tuning company MEC Design who have just released a couple of studies showing just how the SLS might look once they’ve got their hands on one. MEC Design are known for their extreme tuning and these studies show that they have certainly not lost their touch when it comes to taking things further than most tuners.

The first study shows the SLS AMG from the front. The Mercedes Benz star has moved from the front to make space and now sits above the grill and is very reminiscent of the SLR McLaren which it is replacing. It features a new front bumper which has an extremely deep mesh grill as well as curved side air inlets. The side skirts have been deepened and now feature the MEC Design lighting system which is linked to the interior lighting and lights up when the ignition is turned on or the doors are opened. The SLS look is finished off with the three piece bi-colour 22 inch mecxtremeIII wheels.

The second study shows the rear of the SLS AMG and the extreme look rear diffusor for which MEC Design are already well known. Its part of their 2Face system which allows you to choose between having a more extreme look as shown here or having a more refined elegant finish. A carefully placed rear spoiler finishes off the optics whilst the oval chrome tips of the MEC Design exhaust system enhance the whole experience with its amazing sounds.


The third image shows the front view again but this time in a golden yellow finish along with the three piece 22 inch mecxtremeI wheels.

The interior is left almost original except for the addition of the MEC Design sports steering wheel which has a Carbon Fibre and Alcantara finish to match the rest of the high quality interior.

“We’re very excited about the SLS, it’s already becoming a classic just like the 300 SL Gullwing. These first studies have received a lot of good feedback and now we just can’t wait to get our hands on one”, says CEO Cem Altun.

It has not been decided whether these studies from MEC Design will be the final design or whether there will be a small-batch production.

About MEC Design:
MEC Design are an exclusive tuning company based in Berlin, Germany. They specialize in Mercedes-Benz and have an extensive range of extraordinary tuning and styling products as well as a range of high quality one piece and three piece alloy wheels. They have been making a big noise all over Germany and Europe for over 10 years and are now expanding into North America and the rest of the World.

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