MEC Design stainless steel muffler

MEC Design have developed a stainless steel sports rear muffler designed to fit the new facelift-bumper. The rear mufflers are available for the SL300/350, SL500/550 and SL600 models. They feature extended rear tail pipes and a hard chromed finish that also matches the rear bumper.

MEC Design’s range of Mercedes Benz exhaust systems, sports mufflers, and pipes are all made using stainless steel. These products are available for most Mercedes Benz models and come with a five year guarantee against rust and other deficiencies.


Performance is improved with the use of high quality materials and construction, which provides better flow-through. The construction and materials become evident with a more powerful and not over-muffled sound.

The muffler or tail pipes come with the MEC design logo. The sale price for the system is € 1592. Contact MEC Design for further information:

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