MEC Design Mercedes-Benz CLS Bodykit

MEC Design have been designing tuning products for over 10 year now and are very proud to show off their curvacious new CLS bodykit. The CLS bodykit is hot on the heels of the S-Class bodykit, which was released at the end of 2008.

The bodykit features some of the most curvacious lines available, and the front bumper looks meaner than the devil on a bad day. It is available with daylight driving lights and fog lights or with a mesh inset. The rear bumper is available with the Sports Diffusor look or with a sleek elegant finish. The side skirts are available with or without LED lighting (5 lights per side) which is linked up to the internal lighting. The 3 piece rear spoiler finishes it all off nicely and is just another indication of MEC Designs attention to detail.

The alloy wheels are also designed by MEC Design and are a 3 piece design. The forged centre piece is high gloss compressed and has stainless steel outer rims. The front features 11×20 with 4,5 inch outer rims and 285/25 ZR 20 Hankook tires, whilst the rear has 13×20 with 5 inch outer rims again with 325/25 ZR 20 Hankook tires. The front axel has 10mm spacers and the rear axel 19mm spacers. All the bodywork has been done without the need for painting or lackering


This model features the MEC Design Electronic Lowering Module, which is available for models CLS270 – CLS63AMG with Airmatic Suspension. It is available with standard measure that allows for lowering of 20-40mm or with special measure, which takes it down between 40-70mm. For the models CLS270-CLS350 and those without Airmatic suspension there is the MEC Design height adjustable coilover kit, ideal for spirited street driving or light track use. The 28-way adjustable kits allow for dampening tuning in the front and dampening and rebound tuning in the rear with just a simple click of the knob. This kit offers adjustable depths for front axel 30-70mm and rear axel of 30-65mm.

The MEC Design sports exhaust system is manufactured from mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, stainless steel resonator and muffler. The sounds that it produces are pretty amazing; the featured version is called “Earthquake” although it is available in a quieter version. The delicately placed embossed MEC Design logo on the quad oval chrome tips are the perfect finishing touch.


The interior features the MEC Design sports multi-functional airbag steering wheel. The distinctive ergonomically designed handles and its precious wood inlay and leather make it a pleasure to grip. The footmats are made from precious velours and feature Nubuck leather embroidery again with the MEC Design logo.

Cem Altun, Company CEO and the driving force behind MEC Design’s success says “I was over the moon when we released the bodykit for the S-Class in October last year, I didn’t think anything could beat it, but this looks absolutely amazing. The reactions that we’ve had to it so far have been exceptional.”

Pricing details here.

About MEC Design:
MEC Design are an exclusive tuning company based in Berlin, Germany. They specialize in Mercedes-Benz and have an extensive range of extraordinary tuning and styling products. They have been making a big noise all over Germany and Europe for over 10 years and are now expanding into North America and the rest of the World.

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