A luxury family car for business people

It’s a lovely place: New Veshki is a cottage village outside of Moscow. There are new houses which are built in American style and you can even feel the harmonic atmosphere when you look at the pictures. It’s not surprising, that it is the perfect location for familys, who want a special and luxurious environment. At this place the new pictures of the LARTE Designs white V-class Black Crystal were shot and it fits just perfectly to the surroundings. Because business people with a family need a car with a lot of space and it has to be just as elegant and breathtaking as their houses.

Larte V-class

The tailor-made van is the perfect companion for long-distance business trips, VIP-shuttling, management level meetings as well as family trips with kids. It offers much space and the ultimate level of comfort, which is necessary when you transport children and their belongings. But also the appearance of the Black Crystal is stunning. Like a precious diamond, the astonishing car attracts attention in the neighbourhood with its expressive and unique body design, refined performance and accurate lines. The tuning package by LARTE Design includes brand-new front and rear bumpers, new radiator grill with LARTE horseshoe logo on it. It is all made of composite materials and some parts are decorated with carbon fiber elements. Side sills and stainless steel tail-pipes are also included in the package. Moreover, two black Swarovski crystals are embedded in the front bumper, symbolizing the name of the tuning package LARTE Black Crystal. Stunning LED daytime running lights, which have become a typical design feature of the company, complete the expressive package and show the passengers the highest level of comfort.

Larte V-class

The white V-class Black Crystal by LARTE Design represents perfectly the high status of the driver and his family and just belongs to their home, because “home is where your heart is”!

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