Lorinser as an interior architect for automobiles

Lorinser Dream worlds in leather, carbon, and aluminium * A run-of-the-mill premium car is, in many ways, similar to a good hotel room: pretty nicely furnished, but usually lacking the possibility of personalising the room’s atmosphere. The renowned Mercedes tuning firm Sportservice Lorinser, therefore, provides its customers with numerous options to customise not only their car’s exterior but also the interior of their premium vehicles.

A dream in leather

The passion, dedication and craftsmanship with which Lorinser creates its customised dream cars are obvious in precious vehicles such as the Mercedes CL with its Bordeaux leather interior. Lorinser refines not only the seats but also the side panels of the doors and many other elements and objects that are very pleasing to the eye. It is no wonder when the top-quality tanned material used for such a top-of-the-line vehicle easily exceeds ten square metres. It goes without saying that a great deal of attention is paid to the pristine quality of the “skins” selected from the saddlers.

Lorinser Leather

The surface of top-quality material must not show any irregularities caused by scaring. Scars may form, for example, when the cattle in the pasture get caught in barbed wire or are molested by mosquitoes. Other creative statements can be made by combining leather with solid, top-quality precious wood. Lorinser carries a great variety of grains and shades that are a feast for the eye when used by themselves, for example, on the steering wheel, the automatic transmission selector lever or the dashboard. The way the finished vehicle is supposed to look and which parts are to be customised is discussed by the customer with a Lorinser representative. Do you want to use restraint or show your extroverted personality? Convertibles, in particular, allow you to distinguish yourself by showcasing a striking leather colour that catches the eye of anybody looking at the vehicle from the outside. The vehicles on display in Lorinser’s showrooms in Winnenden and Waiblingen manage to inspire without setting any limits to the freedom of creativity.

Details in carbon and aluminium make a statement

Apart from leather, carbon or aluminium structures are excellent choices when it comes to refining the interior of sporty vehicles. These elements are particularly well-suited for dashboard inserts or operating panels such as steering wheels and transmission or gear selector levers. Naturally, Lorinser uses only the finest components to make sure that they will retain their look and feel and bring the same joy after years of use as they did on the very first day.


However, refining the interior of your car does not necessarily require you to select an entire Lorinser interior design. Even small accessories such as a framed instrument panel, a new speedometer background or illuminated stainless steel door entry guards can be a feast for the eye. Or the ear: Lorinser’s technicians are more than happy to install an elaborate multi-media system including speakers from the top of the range or additional screens for a rear-seat entertainment system.

By the way, Lorinser adds “that certain something” that puts pleasure back into driving not only to almost every Mercedes model but also to the Smart ForTwo. To get your own ideas, log on to www.lorinser.com or contact us for a personal consultation.

here are some more fine examples:

Lorinser leather

Lorinser leather

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