LOEWENSTEIN LM63-700 Compressor

A very young star on the Mercedes Benz Tuning firmament was presented for the first time ever, at the 46th edition of the Essen Motor Show (Nov. 30 to Dec. 08, 2013) within a grand framework: LOEWENSTEIN Manufaktur, which specializes in the refinement of vehicles of the Swabian premium automotive trademark unveiled its new model “LM63-700 Compressor”, which is based on the top model of the current Mercedes Benz C-class, the C63 AMG, in hall 10, platform C106.


Even in the standard status, this V8 sports car with its free-sucking 6.2-liter V8 drive mechanism with 457 horse power and a maximum torque of 600 Nm is definitely not under-powered. Yet, better is the proverbial enemy of good and LOEWENSTEIN thus developed the company’s own compressor system for the factory-made free-sucking M156 engine, whose core is a worldwide tried and tested Magnuson-Roots displacement compressor. Of course, an effective water-charging air cooling unit equally belongs to the fully reversible compressor kit that is conceived as a simple plug-in system much like an electronic charging air pressure control system. In combination with a LOEWENSTEIN carbon fiber suction air induction system, a LOEWENSTEIN exhaust system made of stainless steel including exhaust manifold with substitute primary catalytic converter pipes as well as a LOEWENSTEIN performance module, the forcible mechanical respiration extracts a peak performance of 702 horse power and a maximum torque of 883 Nm from the cubic-capacity-strong eight-pointer. Yet the LM63-700 is not only as strong as an ox, it has beyond that, also maintained its refined manners: The engine capacity does not descend “uncontrolled” on the rear wheels, but unleashes rather more elegantly and comfortably thanks to a continuous and flat torque curve. LOEWENSTEIN offers the feature of switching on the compressor capacity only through the driving program switch on the center console, as optional equipment.


LOEWENSTEIN Manufaktur gave the LM63-700 an optical refinement with the company’s own carbon fiber exterior program, which entails a front spoiler, external mirror and a heck diffusor in matt carbon to match the designed exhaust end-pipe cover. There are special design lateral strips for this purpose.

LOWENSTEIN Manufaktur screwed its single-part rim design “KLASSIK” in the sizes 8.5×19 and 9.5×19 inches on the axles of the vehicle that was unveiled in Essen, with slip-proof Michelin Pilot Super Sport high-performance tires of the dimensions 235/35ZR19 on the steering axle and 265/30ZR19 on the driving axle. A 20-inch variation of this rim design is currently being prepared.


Already now, LOEWENSTEIN alternatively offers the three-part “RENNSPORT” rims in 20 inches format: For instance, the multiple-part rims, which live up to their name with the Y-spoke star and high-gloss polished outer rims perfectly fit the LM63-700 in 8.5 and 10.5-inch wide dimension with flat Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires of the sizes 235/30ZR20 and 285/25ZR20.

The wheels maintain perfect surface contact thanks to a LOEWENSTEIN prototype coilover kit with the company’s own chassis alignment that was constructed in cooperation with ZF Sachs.


For a perfect traction of the driven rear wheels – particularly in moments of acceleration out of tight turns – LOEWENSTEIN offers an automatic 100 percent limited slip differential in cooperation with the British company Quaife, which, with its mechanical slip regulation, is responsible for an efficient and all-time properly controllable power transmission to the road surface.

To also counter the menacing forward thrust of the LM63-700 with adequate negative acceleration, LOEWENSTEIN Manufaktur installed the company’s own high-performance sports brake system, whose 8-piston brake calipers forcefully act on float-mounted and perforated 380-millimeter brake disks on the front axle, while perforated brake disks of 4-piston calipers with a diameter of at least 356 millimeters are retarded in the rear.

Of course, LOEWENSTEIN Manufaktur did not also leave the passenger compartment untouched: The noble LOEWENSTEIN bi-color interior also covers the steering wheel including leather/Alcantara landscape, decorative strips in carbon/aramid combination, an aluminum pedal system as well as car mats and baggage compartment protectors made of soft velour.

All further facts as well as price and delivery information can be obtained from: www.loewenstein-manufaktur.de

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