KW coilovers for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Suspension specialist KW from Fichtenberg, Germany have released coilovers for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, complete with adjustable lowering and damping. The development objective of the engineers at KW was to improve the gullwing-door model’s handling without having to sacrifice comfort.

KW delivers the Variant 3 coilovers with damping characteristics tuned specifically to the SLS. The independently adjustable compression and rebound damper settings allow for individualised sports suspension settings and the driver’s personal preferences. The parameters for compression and rebound damper settings can be conveniently modified right on the suspension strut. The new adjusting wheels with their scale and locking points show the exact current setup. In addition the driver can choose a lowering position across the adjustment ranging between 10 and 35 millimetres at the front and rear axles.

The high-quality workmanship of the coilovers is also demonstrated by the housing which is manufactured of high-tensile aluminium. This results in weight savings which in turn has a positive effect on the driving dynamics.


The engineers from Fichtenberg also worked to optimise performance compatibility for everyday use. The Hydraulic Lift System (HLS) raises the complete vehicle at the push of a button by up to 40 millimetres. With the temporary ground clearance, bumps and other obstacles can be cleared without damaging the bodywork or the under body. When the car reaches 80 kph, the system, which is connected to the car’s electronics, lowers the vehicle automatically for improved driving dynamics and performance. The HLS is compatible with all KW coilovers.

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