Kicherer ML420 CDI

Kicherer now has a tuning kit available for the ML 420 CDI bestowing an extra 56 hp and 200 Nm more torque to an already powerful SUV, thus increasing the effective horsepower from 306 hp in the standard model to a superb 360 hp. At the same time, the maximum torque of 700 Nm is increased to a terrific 900 Nm.

Just as spectacular is the performance of the so-called Kicherer ML 42 ICE. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.1 seconds, it is a whole half a second quicker than its series counterpart. The maximum speed has been increased to approximately 280 km/h.

The exceptional performance of the CDI power units tuned by Kicherer are impressive, as are the high degree of elasticity and favourable fuel consumption, which is at a standard level despite the increased power. As with the basic vehicle, Kicherer engines also comply with the Euro 4 exhaust standard and, of course, are just as suitable for any vehicle equipped with diesel particle filters.

But Kicherer has gone even one step further and perfected the details of the ML. Its exterior looks have been adapted to match the increased performance by adding an AMG ML 63 body kit, AMG 20-inch wheels with special varnish, an electronic lowered suspension and a four-pipe sports exhaust. High-performance brakes ensure that fast off-road enthusiasts still have the appropriate deceleration.

Mercedes Kicherer

The precision of the Kicherer team can also be seen in the interior. The roof interior, dashboard, door trim and other surfaces have been covered with the finest Kicherer leather. Real carbon trim parts add the necessary sporty accentuation to the otherwise luxurious surroundings.

The driver has the pleasure of an ergonomic sporty steering wheel with gear paddles – also finished in carbon.

A really cool complete package – Ice in name and Ice in nature

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