Kicherer K35 CS Revealed

While Mercedes is celebrating the launch of the new C-Class, in its slipstream, Benz customizer Kircherer is already pulling a comprehensive supplementary program for the new top seller out of the magician’s hat – exquisite, as usual.

Those who, right from the start, wish for more performance than the standard can offer may now directly choose the magically reinforced C 350. The Kicherer K 3.5 CS’s remarkable performance range lies around 306hp and 380Nm (the series offers 272hp at 350 Nm).

Power even for diesel engines

Ingenious engineers increased the C 320 CDI’s engine performance by 46 to 270hp, while the maximum torque bounced to 600Nm. This special portion of extra force is available even for smaller diesel engines. The new seven-league boots boost the swiftness to 6.9 seconds while the maximum speed is nothing less than 250 km/h. At such a speed, however, the passenger feels more like on a magic carpet ride – sledge-like the Kicherer-CS glides along the overtaking lane.

For the sake of equity, beautiful stainless steel sports exhausts are available for each engine type and remind you, decently droning, that, after all, you are not a magic carpet rider floating through the air.

Full-format 19″ wheels inside their arches offer an excellent wheel grip to any admirer of the C-Class. The extraordinarily light and handmade wheels with the modest name of RS-1 are equipped in accordance with the respective engine type with tyres of the adequate size. The Mercedes Magicians in Stockach give you the opportunity to choose to your heart’s content – or to your account’s extent – from a great range of specially adjusted sports chassis, height-adjustment sets and sports stabilizers.

Design package and leather

The breathtakingly extravagant exterior is embraced by a rear diffuser harmonized with the rear apron. Consequently, the interior is characterised by luxury class materials such as high-grade Alcantara leather, precious wood coated with piano lacquer as well as carbon fitments perfectly matching the sports steering wheel, the aluminum pedals and the stainless steel door sill protectors. In comparison, a magic carpet is just a picnic rug. This here is true magic in deed!

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