Innovative lowering for the S-Class by Lorinser

Control rod system offers a favourable price and lots of practical advantages. A flatter bodywork silhouette, filled wheel arches and significantly more dynamic cornering behavior: lower suspension is at the top of the wish list for drivers with sporting ambitions – and that goes for all vehicle classes. Traditionally Lorinser has an extensive range here, so that they can bend over backwards for Mercedes fans.

However, what is usually achieved on most cars with a few new springs or shock-absorbers, presents tuners of high-tech limousines such as the S-Class W221 with tough challenges, because air-ride suspension or the electro-hydraulic steel suspension ABC (Active Body Control) with automatic roll correction is applied as standard. Lorinser made its name as an innovator and offers a lowering for this luxury car using control rods for the level sensors. This is not just cheaper than the normal solution using a processer-controller extra module, but also offers technical advantages.

In this way you protect the car’s electronics from sensitive intervention, which could otherwise lead to software conflicts, particularly in interaction with “chipped” engines. A TÜV assessment is, of course, enclosed with the lower suspension set from Winnenden alongside extensive assembly instructions. The chassis lowering achievable with the Lorinser solution amounts to approx. 30 millimetres and can be disassembled at any time without a problem, for example if the car is to be sold. As the characteristics of the existing shock absorbers / springs / air spring elements remain the same, reductions in comfort need not be feared. Thedriving dynamics increase considerably, however, which reveals itself when the driver takes corners at high speeds. A result which is more than worthy of a Mercedes – and of course from Sportservice Lorinser.

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