IMSA is the acronym for Individual, Mobile, Style & Art. It is also a philosophy synonymous with lu- xury cars of unparalleled quality and aesthetics that make a clear statement of their owner‘s individua- lity.

To date, the IMSA name has been associated with sensational Lamborghini conversions that take both the technical and visual aspects of these futu- ristic supercars to the next level.


However, before its Lamborghini era began in 2005, the core company that evolved into IMSA repre- sented the Danish Mercedes tuner Kleemann in Germany.

As the link with Mercedes-Benz cars was always maintained in the background, the re-alignment of marque emphasis at IMSA can be considered a return to roots, with the latest Mercedes S-Class as the inspiration.


The IMSA touch aims to give the Mercedes flags- hip limousine a more expressive and exclusive ap- pearance, backed up by more power, and a com- mensurate increase in its sporting character.

Form follows function, and IMSA’s aero package adds an angular dual front lip spoiler to the original AMG front apron, giving the car a crisper face. The new side skirts harmoniously lead your eye aft to where the IMSA rear diffuser neatly integrates into the original apron.


All these aerodynamics parts are made from the hig- hest grade of autoclaved automotive carbon-fibre, and the natural pattern of this very light and strong material is visible though its mirror smooth clear coat.

The bespoke exhaust outlets are a typical IMSA fi- nishing touch. CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminium, their distinctive se- mi-matt finish is derived from a special coating.

IMSA’s superlight forged alloy wheels have a unique look of their own that speaks of elegance and spirit. In S-Class fitment, they are 9.0J and 10.5J x 21-inch, and shod with 255/35R21 and 295/30R21 tyres front and rear respectively.


Under the bonnet, proprietary hardware upgrades are matched by an ECU remap for the fuelling, igni- tion, boost pressure and valve timing curves. Power rises dramatically from the stock 585 hp to a major league supercar level of 720 hp. This matched by a boost in peak torque from 900 Nm to a drama- tic 1080 Nm, electronically limited to preserve the drivetrain.

A personalised luxury limousine would not be com- plete without a special interior to match. In haute couture style, IMSA can tailor the cabin to suit the personality and taste of the owner, combining the softest hides and Alcantara with the finest woods, or carbon fibre. “Luxury knows no bounds” here, and the possible variations of materials and colours are almost limitless.

When it comes to combining art and engineering, IMSA sits at the table of perfection.

Exterieur Carbon body parts:
+ Front-lip for frontbumper
+ Additional upper lip for frontlip + Airintake frontbumper left
+ Airintake frontbumper right
+ Sideskirt left
+ Sideskirt right
+ Rear-diffusor

All parts made in the Autoclave, baked in the highest quality and top coated with Acryl after OEM standards in the highest quality.

Exterieur parts:
+ IMSA Exhaust tail-pipes left and right, coated in titanium-grey
+ Aluminum Grill for Rear-diffusor
IMSA 9×21”inch forged lightweight wheels Tyre front: 255/ 35R21
IMSA 10,5×21”inch forged lightweight wheels Tyre rear: 295/30R21
Engine conversion 720HP – 1080NM:
+ IMSA Highflow outlet pipes for Turbochargers + IMSA Downpipes
+ IMSA sportkatalysts
+ IMSA x-Cross mid-muffler
+ Radiator for intercooler
+ Sport airfilters
+ Engine Management upgrade

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