The History of AMG

With a history spanning over 45 years now, the German engine specialist was founded in the basement of an old mill by two ex-Mercedes-Benz engineers who had a fight the first day they met.

This didn’t stop Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher to form what was to become sport side of Mercedes-Benz in just a couple of decades.

Since they developed their first direct injection engine based on a Mercedes-Benz powerplant almost half a century ago, the company has evolved into creating entire cars from scratch, with the SLS AMG being the first ever AMG not based on any other existing model.

‘Driving Performance’ describes the two core elements of AMG. First, the power delivery, handling and sound – in other words, the elements that define the unique AMG driving experience. And secondly, their claim to be the innovator in the high-performance segment.

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