High-quality sound in luxury limousine

Following the Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS Eau Rouge, automobile manufacturer Carlsson, a firm that specializes in refinements for Mercedes Benz, has introduced its next limited edition luxury car: the Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS Blanchimont. Conceived in collaboration with the leather and lifestyle brand Etienne Aigner AG and developed by the Carlsson engineers, this luxury limousine, produced in an exclusive small series, catches the mood of an international clientele precisely.

Inside the car the fine leather fittings, offset by a combination of selected woods, Alcantara and aluminium, bewitch and beguile. On the outside, the Blanchimont is discreet, sporty and seductive, with exclusive two-colour paintwork.

In Car-Infotainment-System by Focal

In terms of entertainment, only components by Alpine and Focal – companies that set the highest benchmark standards – are used. Passengers travelling in the front will experience the highest listening pleasure through 3-way loudspeaker system of the Focal Utopia Be Kit No.7 make, which the specialist press has praised as the “best system in the world”. Power amplification is provided by a further benchmark in the in-car hi-fi sector, the 2-channel output stage Focal Dual Monitor. Muscular bass sounds are provided courtesy of a 33cm Focal Utopia Be 33 WX2 subwoofer. For the front passengers, the signal source is the original COMAND system, which works more effective with the Carlsson entertainment package. But it goes without saying that passengers in the back can savour high-tech sounds too. Carlsson’s “Rear Seat Entertainment” creates the authentic atmosphere of a cinema.

The ears are pampered with the patented 6.1 surround sound, while 7” monitors behind the headrests make it possible for the rear passengers to enjoy different programmes at the same time. Still more of a cinematic experience is provided by the 15” monitor integrated into the roof interior. Control of the system is handled by the Alpine F#1 Status DVD tuner, which has garnered countless awards worldwide. Three 3-way systems of the Focal Utopia Be Kit No.7 make are used for playback of the left, centre and right channels. The “Rear Seat Entertainment” system is completed by further Focal Utopia Be components for the surround sound channels and signal reinforcement. Bass sounds are provided by the subwoofer of the front system as soon as the rear system is activated. The rear centre console – which is probably unique in this form worldwide – has been converted by Carlsson to serve as the centre speaker. The entire entertainment system has been specially adapted to be compatible with the interior of this particular vehicle, thus making it possible to enjoy a sound quality you would otherwise expect to hear only from a top-quality home audio set-up.

carlsson aigner

Naturally, all the components, such as the loudspeakers or the power amplifiers, are unobtrusive or have been integrated into the decor attractively. The complete standard boot space remains the same.

WLAN connects the car with the internet

If required, the Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS Blanchimont also functions as though designed as a workspace. Anyone who is being driven can take advantage of the Carlsson business solution, Carlsson Office Concert Hall Infotainment System. Each of the hinged tables behind the front seats can easily accommodate a laptop, and the integrated power supply ensures this will remain ready for use even during lengthy journeys. The highlight – another worldwide first – is a WLAN UMTS router, enabling three laptops to go online, wireless and completely independent of each other. You don’t need a UMTS card – all you need is a WLAN-enabled laptop. So users have their own personal hot spot right inside the car – in fact, they can even use it a short distance away from the Carlsson Aigner CK65 RS Blanchimont.

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