GTR 374 from A.R.T. Tuning for the Mercedes CLS 350

Mercedes Benz CLS-class models are indeed one of the most interesting vehicle successes. This rather elegant glider can be turned into a sportier street burner. A.R.T. makes this possible through an exceedingly successful aerodynamic kit combined with DTM sport resemblance. With help of a compressor kit, A.R.T. transforms the CLS 350 to GTR 374 with distinctively more power. Inside, occupants wallow in luxury and through the power enhancement, allow themselves to be swept away.

Under pressure

A technical highlight is found under the hood. The 3,5 litre V6 from the CLS350 receives forced air breath from A.R.T. with aide of a AK35 supercharger system. It displays a charge-air cooling system including heat exchanger and is equipped with a special ribbed poly V-belt. Naturally, A.R.T. pays particular attention to engine electronics and increases the Vmax limitations. With its 374 HP, the GTR374 can race significantly quicker than the standard version. The increase of torque to 510 Nm makes vehicle passing just a finger exercise. The power enhancement is accentuated with a rumbling sound creating goose-bumps caused by four double-walled tailpipes (100mm) from the A.R.T. anti-corrosion stainless steel sport exhaust system along with metal catalysts.

Art tuning mercedes cls

Sporty look with DTM racing touch

The CLS 350 is converted by A.R.T. to a significantly sportier GTR374 vehicle without altering any of it’s characteristic elegance. The Nuremberg-based specialists with pure accomplish this with an aerodynamic kit containing pure racing genes. It’ comprised of a series of widening measures providing the GRT374 and even sturdier look and a light DTM racing touch. It contains special customized, broadened fenders inclusive warm air outlet vents front, widened side skirts, widened car doors plus broadened rear side panels with integrated air inlets located in front the rear wheels. Through A.R.T. lift-reducing front spoiler bumper with distinctive double-lip edge and accessory double-headlight-set (incl. bend lighting), plus new slated Lamella grille without MB-star, the GTR374 leaves a striking impression of a bully appearance. A.R.T. matches the rear with this look by the addition of a rear bumper skirt with diffuser reminiscent of motor sports vehicle with suited molded recess for an A.R.T. 4-pipe sports exhaust system. Likewise know-how from sports racing is represented with the rear lip spoiler jutting off the trunk.

Optimal agility and individual wheels

Since the CLS is not exactly a lightweight, to provide more optimal agility A.R.T. widens the tracks in front to 70 mm and even more in back to 80 mm. Additionally, A.R.T. scheduled a vehicle customization and built in a sport suspension lowering the center of gravity to 40 mm.

A.R.T. completed the external tuning with ARTstar2 – light alloy rims. A.R.T. built-in these three-part wheels front in size 9Jx20“, and size 10Jx20“ in back. The six star forming spokes provide sufficient intake air flow to the brakes system. A.R.T. succeeds with the finish “NANO black satin matt“, in providing a striking contrast to the bolts; a further visual highlight. With the wide tires, 255/30R20 front and 305/25R20 rear, the large torque of the V6 motor can be brought to asphalt problem-free.

A.R.T. highlights

GTR374 cls

An even more individualized look is achieved by A.R.T. with headlights “Bi-XENON-NERO” with active bend lighting. Above and beyond this A.R.T. replaced all vehicle lettering and emblems through their own stroke of hand leaving only the vehicle’s basic form still recognisable. As final step A.R.T. offers a special finishing with racing sport stripes design.

An absolute show stopper, yet very practical effect is scored by A.R.T. with STEPLIGHTS that mark opened vehicle doors outlining sideskirt contours on their top sides allowing getting into the vehicle easier under poor visability conditions. The STEPLIGHTS are made of light blue electroluminescent light stripes in highly polished stainless steel. In the vehicle entry area are additional light blue illuminated entry ledges with A.R.T.-logo of highly polished and brushed stainless steel; an additional highlight.

Ambience of pure luxury

For the interior, A.R.T. combined ambience of pure luxury to motor sports ingredients. With the ergonomic shaped steering wheel made of suede, the GTR 374 driver has everything perfectly under control. Optionally, one may steer with the A.R.T. tipfunction / shift buttons steering wheel in carbon look, available for 7-speed automatic transmission versions: 7G-Tronic. The A.R.T. carbon fiber features (complete dashboard, ashtray mask, mask above ashtray, gear selection lever, floor shift, louver blinds for rear storage space), keep drivers in the spirit of motor sports racing. The A.R.T. leather /alcantara ultra-seude furnishings with contrast stitching for middle console, head rests, rear central console, gear shift knob with shift cover, and arm rests, and the alcantara ultra-suede furnishings of the roof liner and door liner, generate an A.R.T. comfortable atmosphere. With a variety of accessories such as stainless steel entry ledges for the front doors with illuminated A.R.T.-logo (see above), or speedometer in white underlay with a scale up to 360 km/h, A.R.T. continues to set high noble standards.

The A.R.T. team certainly doesn’t feel limited to being committed to just above described features program. For those prefering an individualized CLS appearance, the A.R.T. team impliments requests with complete competence as well.

Further information to the extensive A.R.T. enhancement program is available at Website

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