GruppeM RAMair Carbon Fiber Intake for C63 AMG

GruppeM has released its RAMair intake system upgrade for the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The C63 RAMair system is designed to significantly increase air induction volume when compared with the original ducts when measured with flow testers. The duct capacity has been expanded to allow greater air volume and flow through to the combustion chamber. GruppeM testing has shown power gains of up to 15PS over the standard intake arrangement.

The GruppeM RAMair intake system has dual introductory ducts on both sides – a comparison photo shows this balance is maintained on both sides, and when compared with original intake, has 1.6 times more duct capacity. This increase in air intake volume is apparent at high RPM and intake load. The entire induction flow pattern has been expanded so that air is channelled from the front grille, away from the engine and reducing ambient heat induction, through to the combustion chamber.

find more information here: Gruppe M North America.

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